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Microsoft sees triple

Microsoft sees triple

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Three different companies: one that will take care of marketing Windows, one that will focus on the development of applications like Word and Excel, a third reality will be an Internet company, aimed at producing a browser and promoting Internet services. This is the essence of the proposal that the Justice Department and the lawyers of the 19 states that dragged Microsoft to trial would go to judge Jackson. To spread the rumor, it seems, some sources of the IT world that would have learned the intentions of the DOJ directly from the lawyers engaged in the case. The purpose, besides that of punishing the society of Redmond, would be that to imply that in the future Microsoft may again abuse its dominant position in the operating systems market to strangle its competitors and impose its own standards. More precisely, the split would be aimed at resolving the constraint that by linking together various products makes the barrier that Microsoft is able to oppose its opponents on the market unsurpassed. In the view of the Justice Department, the division into various companies could make it more likely, for example, to create a version of Office for Linux and, therefore, also make Open Source software as a competitor for Windows more credible. they refused to comment on the rumor but according to some sources the proposal would have already been advanced informally to the White House and to the Ministry of Justice. In the next few hours a high-level meeting should be held to expose the details of the proposal that will be made to Jackson in detail to the Government and to the president. Rumors of the DOJ's request and speculation have stirred up the Wall Street stock market that has severely punished Microsoft. The MSFT stock, on a day when the Nasdaq fell by more than 4%, lost almost 16%; In particular, investors are worried about the possibility that Microsoft may lose the Office division that produces 40% of the turnover. Market speculation that Jackson seems willing to avoid more than anything else and for this it seems that the official DOJ proposals for the microsoft punishment may arrive well before friday which was the date originally planned. Perhaps today in the afternoon, before the opening of stock markets, an official document will be announced in this regard. We recall that, after the adverse ruling, there are still many steps to take before arriving at the condan. One of these is the DOJ proposal. Microsoft's reply will follow, then the Justice Department's rejoinder and finally the judge's ruling. Once the trial is over and the final sentence pronounced probable that the ball can pass directly into the hands of the Supreme Court, skipping the passage of the court appeal. Even in this case it would be a move to prevent speculation from continuing for years, as much as it would take if all the steps of the trial were taken. Jackson would sign an act that would refer the two contenders to the maximum and inappellable American judicial body, cutting the trial procedure for several months, maybe two more years.

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