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Lufthansa at work to improve entertainment on board aircraft

Lufthansa has created a system to be able to insert the most modern tablets on airplanes and enjoy the movies to the fullest

Photo: Lufthansa SystemPhoto: Lufthansa System

If you have made an intercontinental flight, you are probably there enjoyedmovies or the travel map on a tablet set on the back of the seat in front of yours. Old stuff compared to the current tablets, but that meets the dictates of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), which obliges us to maintain certain specifications and reduced dimensionsfor security reasons.

Cos Lufthansa Systems, a subsidiary of the German airline, has developed a system to modernize tablets: it is one transparent plastic window which has the necessary characteristics to satisfy the FAA. This way you can fold the screen in case of take-off or landing and keep the passenger safe.

The slider is now a prototype and is part of a broader customer service platform. But the goal to install the system in a couple of years, so you can watch the movies properly, using the latest tablets on the market.


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