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Jolla, the smartphone without keys, arrives in Italy

The Finnish smartphone Jolla (without keys) available in over 45 stores in Italy the price of 299 (VAT included).

Two months after its launch in Italy, the Finnish smartphone Jolla available in over 45 stores selling consumer electronics and telephony at a price of 299 (VAT included). Designed following the characteristics of Nordic design, Jolla can be used with one hand.

In fact, the device has no keys, it is based exclusively on natural finger gestures – such as swipe, peek and pull with which it is possible to interact with all open applications and services. A completely innovative use experience built on the essential and intuitive nature of the independent operating system on Linux: Sailfish OS. In addition to the Sailfish OS native App, Jolla supports Android applications, allowing users to continue using the most popular applications. municipalities.The distributor for Italy RCH Imports: "We strongly believe in the project – he declared Stefano Stefanelli, commercial director of RCH Importations – Jolla and the Sailfish OS operating system are an open platform for innovation capable of generating new ideas and opportunities, they are a new way of thinking about the smartphone ?.