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iPod, two FM transmitters

Belkin announced yesterday an FM transmitter designed specifically for the iPod mini. This is TuneBase FM which, in addition to broadcasting the music of the music player via radio, also takes care of recharging it. The original construction of the device consists of a plug for the cigarette lighter, an articulated arm and a support that fits into the iPod and also works as a transmitter.

In this way, not only the player remains in position near the car radio (usually placed right above the car's ashtray where the cigarette lighter is located) ensuring better diffusion, but able to feed itself directly without affecting the battery life and even recharging it. A liquid crystal display shows the transmission frequency ranging from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz. TuneBase can store 4 frequencies and also has a 3.5 mm jack output. This way you can also use a different type of audio adapter, such as the cassette ones or a simple cable. The cost for the American market is $ 79.99.

Based on the same PodFreq concept, produced by Sonnet Technologies. Also in this case it is a car FM transmitter with a battery charger. The device is compatible only with third and fourth generation iPods but not with iPod mini and has a cost of $ 99.95 for the US market.

We remind you that this type of product has no trade in Italy due to the restrictive legislation on FM transmitters in force in our country.