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iPad, sales do not grow because there is no reason to change them

Tim Cook: "People keep their iPad longer than they do with a phone"

A horse that wins does not change and the saying also applies to technology. this is the explanation to the only dissonant data of the last quarterly of Apple. In the face of thrilling growth for iPhone and Mac, the only one that does not grow the iPad. THE phones have scored more 16% between July and September with 39.27 million sales, the best launch result ever, the computers sold were 5.52 million, above expectations as well as the iPods that still hold well with 2.64 million units .

To go wrong, if we can say so, it is only the tablets that show sales of 12.3 million against an expectation of over 13 million. Not a dbcle, the numbers are still very high and the new models, the Air 2 and the Mini 3, were unveiled on October 16th. The effect they will have on sales we will see later, after Christmas, but the fact is that they sell less than expected.

The first iPad Mini, for $ 249, remains on the market

The negative data of the tablet could be linked to one of their peculiarities: they last a lot and we are fine like this. They are not cell phones, they do not represent one status symbol, and they do not trigger the smartphone's eagerness for change. Even at the level of performance they behave well: even today an iPad 2 can easily run most of the available apps and if it does not have the Retina or Metal display it does not matter.

The confirmation of this consumerism comes from none other than Tim Cook. What we see is that people keep their iPad longer than they do with a phone, he said during a meeting with shareholders, We have only entered this sector for four years and we still don't know what the update cycle will be for users. a difficult thing to define.

The Apple is part of this process of extending the life of its devices. Despite the release of the new tablets continues to sell the old models at a discounted price and next to the 399 euros Mini 3 we find the Mini from 249 and the Mini 2 from 299 euros while the first Air is sold starting from 339 euros against the 449 of the successor. And those who have it already do not change them, like the proverbial horse.


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