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Intel announces the Pentium IV

Intel announces Pentium IV

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Today the new Intel Pentium IV has been officially announced. The new processor (which will actually be available from November) represents absolutely nothing revolutionary: the high-sounding name is part of Intel's usual marketing strategy that offers processors more or less similar to the previous ones but with different names. The code name of this CPU was "Willamette": this is the seventh generation of Intel processors and should be available in two versions: one at 1300Mhz, costing $ 795, and one from 1400Mhz, at $ 895 (presumed data: this is not about official figures provided by Intel). From tests carried out on some preliminary versions, the Willamette has demonstrated a discrete power in the sector of data transfer from / to memory, thanks to the system bus operating at 400Mhz (100Mhz in Quad Data Rate). The results are about 3 times higher than those of a system with Athlon 600. The lack of software optimized for the new CPU does not allow for good performance in some fields: it seems that the performances on the integers are lower than those of a 600MHz Athlon , and those in floating point are even lower than those of a Celeron at 366MHz … Unclear the positioning thought for this CPU which, among other things, seems to have a short life already having a new chipset called "Tulloch" and that will implement various features to request new versions of 479-pin Willamette (the Pentium IV 423-pin socket). Basically, whoever acquires the first version of this CPU and then wants to switch to a motherboard with Tulloch chipset, will have to change CPU after a few months! (Edited by Mauro Notarianni)

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