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iBox Nano, the 3D printer that is in one hand

iBox Nano, a portable 3D printer designed to print cheaply and easily, at a much lower price than large machines

The word bigger is better is denied, followed as a mantra by users of 3D printers, although most users use this technology to make small or very small objects. They are addressed by iBox Nano, a portable 3D printer designed to print economically and simple, at a much lower price than the large machines of the same type, but with a quality that is still good. The resin-based 3D printers with UV-curing offer advantages compared to the more traditional printing technology with melted filament deposition , including the possibility of obtaining better resolution more easily. Most of the machines available on the market at a price lower than 1000 dollars, but iBox ( questions the market with the Nano.Leggera and compact printer, the Nano has dimensions of print of only 40 x 20 x 90 mm, XY resolution of 328 microns and a Z resolution of 0.39 microns. It has introduced some innovations also to increase its appeal, including uv LEDs instead of lasers, which in addition to consuming less Electricity is also quieter and should not be replaced often. Equipped with wi-fi connection and does not require installation software. Printing can be controlled via smartphone. The entire machine lost only 1.2 kg, is in one hand and can be connected to a power outlet or to the computer via USB, or it can be used in mobility with an optional external battery of 10 or 20 hours. for the Nano printer it was initially $ 299, but it could be lower as the Kickstarter campaign started to collect the amount destined to start production (expected at the beginning of 2015). The campaign was priced at $ 229, the lowest at the moment on the market.Cecilia Cantadore