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HP reinvents printing

HP reinvents the press

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Internet will lead to the disappearance of paper and printers? Maybe. But those who work in this sector will certainly not be watching, resigning themselves to it happening. The message comes from HP, the world leader in the personal printing sector, which recently announced a new strategy to strengthen its position and tie in that that it is hoped to be an insoluble constraint on the network and the printers. On the basis of the HP project one could define the interactivity between the end user and the companies present on the Internet allowed by the network. Using the Internet you can book tickets, consult various services, buy products. For many of these operations, at the moment it is not allowed to print documents that could constitute proof of purchase or be used to directly use what was purchased. This is the case, for example, of ticket reservations for shows that remain stored on the servers of the company that sold them, or newspapers, which are easy to read online but cannot be printed in a "traditional" format. HP wants to subvert this trend and transform personal printers in indispensable and multifunctional service "stations", direct network terminals. For example, the company led by Carly Fiorina has formed an alliance with Encryp Tix, a company for booking tickets for shows and sporting events that will offer the Possibility of printing real tickets after purchasing them via the Web. FederalExpress has agreed to have the shipping labels of your parcels delivered to your home even with inkjet printers (previously the use of laser printers was required). Newspaper Direct will have printable versions of various newspapers online that each customer will be able to buy and print at home or request a copy from many hotel chains. Mimeo, a large printing service center based in Tennesse, will accept electronic mailing of documents for jobs that require numerous copies or large quantities of pages. The software for this type of operation will be preloaded with HP printer drivers. These are just a few of HP's strategic agreements and competitors could benefit too, but given that the printer business is largely in the hands of Hewlet Packard, who will have greater benefits will be just the same HP. And it is not just about more printers sold but above all more ink and more cartridges. In fact, it has been shown that printing of web documents requires two to three times more ink than printing a normal document and printing a photo even ten times the normal quantity. "As ten years ago – commented Carolyn Ticknor, head of HP's Imaging and Printing Systems division – the challenge was to bring professional press on all desks now time to move print to the Internet center. Reinventing the press we think that the print market can grow up to 100 billion dollars from the current 40 billion ".

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