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How to view passwords saved in Chrome on Android

Google Chrome on Android a very capable browser, however, has always had fewer features than its desktop counterpart. While some of the missing features can be attributed to the system limitations of the mobile nature of the Android operating system and the hardware running on it, some of the missing features should have been present on Chrome from the beginning. One of these features lacking the ability to see passwords saved on Chrome. This feature is available on the desktop from the beginning, but was not available on Android. Well, with its build number 62 (Chrome 62) on Android, the browser now lets you see all your saved passwords. This function is very useful as you can simply copy and paste the saved passwords, without the hassle of remembering them. So, if this something you're interested in, here's how to view passwords saved in Chrome on Android:

View passwords saved in Chrome on Android

Before starting, let's clarify some restrictions. First of all, the method works on Chrome 62, so if you're on a previous build, you'll need to upgrade your app. You can also try it on the Chrome Beta browser, if the update is not available for your device or in your region. Furthermore, you will only be able to view your saved password if you have some sort of screen lock feature on your device. This is done to ensure that no unauthorized person can view your passwords. Finally, you should sign in with your Gmail account in your Chrome browser for it to work. Ok, from now on we know all this, let's start.

Note: I'm using the beta version of Chrome for this tutorial since the update for Chrome 62 is not available for me at the time of this writing.

1. The very simple process, first, start the Chrome browser and then Tap the 3-point buttons menu in the upper right corner . Now tap "Settings".

2. Here, tap the "Save password" option . Now you can see all the accounts and passwords saved in your browser connected to your account. Tap the account whose password you want to view.

3. Here you can see the website name, your username and your password . However, the password hidden at this time. If you want to see your password, touch the eye button and then authenticate yourself with the screen lock password . If you don't want to see the password and just copy it, tap the copy button instead of the eye button. However, you will need to authenticate it in both cases. Since my stuck with a fingerprint, I will authenticate it using that.

As soon as you authenticate it, you will be able to see your save password. For obvious reasons, I'm not going to show you this screen, but you can try it yourself. Similarly, you can copy or view all the passwords saved in your Chrome browser.

View the password saved in Google Chrome

As you've seen, it's pretty easy to see your password saved on Chrome on Android. This feature is very useful if you use Chrome as your primary password management service. Although, if you want more security, you need to suggest using a dedicated password manager. You can click here to learn about the best password managers available today. Having said that, let us know what your thoughts are on using Chrome as a password manager by letting them fall into the comments section below.