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How to use Snapshot in Pokémon GO

use Snapshot in Pokmon GO

At the beginning of February 2019, Niantic announced a new Snapshot feature for Pokmon GO that is now available on the iPhone (if you don't see it yet, give it some time because it is coming around the world). The function allows you to free your Pokmon in the real world using the iPhone AR camera and taking pictures of them in your favorite places, as if they really were present in those places.

Snapshot in Pokmon GO

a nice new feature and shows the continuous push of Niantics towards a better use of the AR features of the modern iPhone. Do we dare to hope to one day have a Pikachu hiding behind real-world objects when we try to capture it? We can only hope!

Until this happens, here is a guide that introduces you to the function Snapshot in Pokmon GO on iPhone with the AR camera (augmented reality).

Warning on Smeargle: We receive reports that, if you use the snapshot function of the AR camera, it is possible that Pokmon Smeargle be viewed and photographed. If you can capture it in a photo, you will also have the chance to capture it in the game. As soon as we can find it we will update this post with the steps so you can do it too.

Procedure to use the snapshot function with Pokmon Go on the iPhone

  • If you don't have it, you can download Pokmon GO from the App Store
  • Now open the Pokmon GO app on your iPhone
  • Touch the Pokball icon in the center of the display.
  • Tap the Pokmon icon to the left of the menu to access all your captured Pokmon.
  • Choose a Pokmon you want to take a Snapshot of.
  • In the upper right corner under the favorite star there will be a Camera icon, click on it to open Snapshot AR.
Activate Snapshot function
  • Move the phone slowly to find a flat surface on which you want to place the Pokmon. Make sure you leave enough space if your Pokmon are big!
  • When you have found the right surface, touch the screen where you want your Pokmon to appear. The Pokball will want to go away and your Pokmon will jump out.
Snapshot function in Pokmon GO
  • Use a finger to slide down your Pokmon to make it turn towards you for a clearer snapshot.
  • Touch your Pokmon to get an attack pose if you want to take action shots.
  • If you want to choose another Pokmon, touch the Pokball return icon in the lower left corner.
Pokmon GO on iPhone

Snapshot another great addition to Pokmon GO and helps bring your favorite Pokmon to the real world like never before. I hope to see this feature expand in the coming months to include other features like fake battles and battle animations.