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How to schedule sending emails to Gmail

You have a Gmail account and wish you could schedule sending email at an hour and a particular day? Then you've come to the right place. In this guide, we will explain how to schedule sending emails using your Gmail email account. This interesting feature will allow you to manage your e-mail in total freedom. You may have searched for this feature in the Gmail application and couldn't find it. In fact, not present, but still possible thanks to the use of an extension. Continue reading the article to find out how.

Schedule sending email to Gmail: Boomerang for Gmail

If you use Gmail, surely you have noticed that among the many basic settings there is no option that allows you to choose a different date for sending an email. In fact, you may have to write an email and maybe choose to send it later, even after hours or even days.

Fortunately, this gap in Google's e-mail service is filled thanks to an interesting extension of the name Boomerang for Gmail, compatible with the main internet browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari). This is a non-invasive little program that undermines Gmail's graphical interface without being noticed. What it offers really interesting, allowing you to schedule sending emails to Gmail, or to notify the same emails we have sent if the recipient has not taken a specific action previously selected by us.

How to download and configure Boomerang

Very simple installation. All you need is one of the three compatible browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and then go to the Boomerang website by clicking on the red button "Add extension". Once pressed, it will automatically start the installation procedure. All we should do is press "add"To find ourselves ready to use Boomerang on our browser. You can see it at the top right of the Gmail page. Nothing too complex, then.

schedule sending email 1

Once installed, when you go to write a new email you will notice the presence of a new button at the bottom of the red text, with the words "Send Later".schedule sending email 2

If you go to click on it, a drop-down menu will open in which you will be able to choose various options: Send the email after hours, days, weeks, or choose a specific date to our liking, choosing day and time of sending (be careful, for , to the format of the date! This American fact and therefore shows first the month and then the day). Once the date is selected, you can also decide to repeat the sending after a week, a month or a year.

schedule email sending - boomerang

At this point, after selecting the day and time for sending the email, all you have to do is press the "button"Confirm". In this way the email will be sent to the date you have decided, without even the need to be connected at the time of sending.

Attention, because if the sending should not be successful, as suggested by the Boomerang itself, you will have todisable popup blockerof the page from the application.

You can disable the popup block from the address bar by clicking on the icon of the blocked page. When you open the banner, select "Always allow https: / popups".

Now the email will be sent without any problem. How did you see this simple and useful method to schedule the sending of an email. Another useful feature, the way to delete advertising emails from Gmail. Read this guide to learn how.

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