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How to repair damaged microSD without losing data

MicroSD cards are the most popular choice for expanding the memory of mobile phones. But these are also subject to some problems. Corrupted SD cards are quite common lately due to cheaper prices or unpredictable problems. Sometimes, for no particular reason, a MicroSD card may become inaccessible. Suddenly, when you try to use your card on any device, you will be asked to format the SD card to solve the problem. At this point, the serious risk is to lose all your valuable data on the card. At this point, we must say that there is no infallible way to avoid losing data e repair damaged microSDor an SD card, but there is something you can try.

If you continue reading you will see some solutions that we propose to repair damaged microSD and recover all the data on it.

CHKDSK command to repair damaged microSD

CHKDSK should be your first choice when facing this scenario. It is a command line tool on Windows that allows you to repair a corrupted MicroSD / SD card and regain access to all the important files contained in it. In the case of a MicroSD, to read it you will need a MicroSD card slot, while most laptops already have a dedicated SD card slot.

  • Connect your MicroSD / SD card to the Windows PC.
  • Press the Windows key and type cmd to search for Command Prompt. You can also click on the search box and type cmd inWindows 10.

repair damaged microSD 1

  • Right click on Command Prompt and choose "Run as administrator".

repair damaged microSD 2

  • Type chkdsk / X / f sd_card_letter: or chkdsk sd_card_letter: / f. For example, if the letter assigned by the PC to the microSD letter E :, type chkdsk / X / f E: or chkdsk E: / f.

repair damaged microSD 3

Now Windows reports the errors on the SD / MicroSD card and corrects them without deleting the data. This process can take several minutes depending on the size of the card. After this, if you see Corrections made to the file system in the command window, then you have reason to rejoice. Your card statariparata. Now you can view your data on it on any device, just like you normally would.

Use a data recovery tool

It is a possibility that the method we see above may not work. In this case you can try to use your card with different operating systems to see if they can read it. In case one of them can read the memory card, you can safely copy the data and then format the card. Otherwise, the only solution is to format the card and then try to recover deleted data with third-party data recovery software. There are several options to choose from, most of these are paid, but there are some that are free. Among the free pipopolar software are Recuva, EasUS, DiskDigger.

Use any software of your choice as soon as you format the card, to ensure the recovery of the largest number of files. If you need to go back to the deleted data recovery card, it becomes more difficult to recover them.