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How to protect WhatsApp with Face ID and Touch ID

protect WhatsApp with Face ID

Now you can strengthen security and increase the privacy of your conversations on WhatsApp on your iPhone using the Face ID or Touch ID function, which allows you to unlock the app only when you need to use it.

The Facebook-owned messaging app offered, starting in February 2017, the two-step verification option as an additional level of security. The function makes it much more difficult for someone to install WhatsApp on your device using your login credentials.

Protect WhatsApp with Face ID and Touch ID

But until today, there was no good way to protect WhatsApp using Apple's ID or Touch ID biometric identification system. This is now possible in WhatsApp version 2.19.20 and later.

The configuration of a passcode or a Touch ID / Face ID on your iPhone or iPad prevents intruders from seeing WhatsApp chats (or starting any app), and adds an additional level of protection to WhatsApp private conversations, and this always a good idea.

In this way, if someone were to take over your device and access your passcode, you will have a last line of defense that protects WhatsApp chats from prying eyes.

How to activate Face ID or Touch ID to protect WhatsApp

Read on to find out how to enable Face ID or Touch ID protection in WhatsApp to increase the privacy of your chats.

NOTE: make sure you have the version installed 2:19:20 app. You can see the version of the app in the Settings tab, then tap Help and you'll see it displayed at the top.

whatsapp version
  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Account.
  • Now click on Privacy.
  • Tap Screen lock.
  • Activate the switch with the label Request the Touch ID or Request Face ID, then confirm the action by tapping OK. At the start of the app you will need to use the Touch ID or Face ID.
Request the Touch ID

Touch ID available on all iPhones, starting from iPhone 5s up to iPhone 7. As you know, iPhones that start with the iPhone X model and the most recent ones have ID Face instead of Touch ID, as well as iPad Pro 2018 .

Choose when the app should automatically lock at the exit:

  • Immediately
  • After 1 minute
  • After 15 minutes
  • After 1 hour

When you use Touch ID or Face ID to protect WhatsApp and your device does not recognize your fingerprint or facial scan, you will be asked to enter the device access code to unlock WhatsApp.

You can still reply to WhatsApp messages from notifications, as well as answer calls, even if the app is blocked. For complete protection, we recommend that you completely hide WhatsApp notifications on the lock screen or disable notification previews for the app.