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How to open a ZIP file on iPhone and iPad

open a ZIP file on iPhone

The iPad has become a working tool that is used in almost all activities, and the attempt to do so that it can replace the desktop, performing functions such as surfing the internet, opening e-mail, editing photos, writing documents, creating files spreadsheet e open a ZIP file on iPhone and iPad.

How to open a ZIP file on iPhone and iPad

To import ever heavier files, you probably need to compress them, and to read them on iPad you will need to unpack them. To do this you need an App that allows you to perform this function. For example, to open a ZIP file or RAR file a specific application must be used. Naturally, the iPad does not allow you to extract compressed archives RAR and to be able to open RAR files on iPad you have to resort to specific free applications such as Documents by Readdle is iZIP.

How to open ZIP files on iPhone and iPad with Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle a free file manager that, among other things, manages and displays all types of files on iPad easily and quickly.

Documents by Readdle

If the RAR file or ZIP is transferred to iPad as an attachment to e-mail, just hold your finger on the attached file and select Documents in the box that appears. This will allow you to open the RAR file inside the application, unpacking it automatically. Another method that you can use to import a RAR file from your computer to iPad, to use iTunes for file sharing. Finally, it can be transferred via the web panel dellapplicazione Documents. Just open the web browser on your computer and connect to the address shown by tapping the Wi-Fi icon in the section Network of Documents.

How to open ZIP files on iPhone and iPad using iZip

The other solution that can be used iZIP, another free application that allows you to open RAR and ZIP files on iPhone and iPad.

ZIP file on iPhone

Open a RAR file on iPad with iZIP very simple. Just select the item Local files from the left sidebar of the app and tap first on the archive name RAR to extract and then up OK. A folder will be created containing the files extracted from iZIP and contents in the archive. If you want to export files to other applications, just select their name in the sidebar of iZIP, tap on the button Open in and select the name of the app where you want to open the file, from the box that appears.

As in Documents, also in iZIP you can import compressed archives attached to emails and then transfer RAR files from the iPad computer.