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How to increase TV Box partition with Rockchip processor

I was able to try different Android TV Boxes to connect to the TV to make it Smart. One of these, the NexBox Z68, had a strong limitation regarding the memory in which to install the applications. Of the total 16GB made available by the manufacturer, just under 1GB was intended for applications. Given the large number of pre-installed apps, I wasn't able to install new ones from the Google Play Store or update those already present, with insufficient memory error ready to appear whenever I tried to open the Play Store. Thus, the need to increase Box TV partition arises to have the availability of new apps.

increase partition TV Box 1That imposed by the manufacturer, a limitation present not only in the NexBox Z68 but also in several other Box TVs on the market.

I did not let myself be discouraged by this problem and after numerous inquiries I came to know of a method able to increase Box TV partition containing applications up to a maximum of 6GB, a big step forward compared to only one GB. If you also have an Android TV Box with Rockchip processor (the procedure compatible with any Rockchip processor model) in this guide I would like to show you how to create a flash firmware on the device, able to increase Box TV partition dedicated to apps up to a maximum of 6GB. After the creation of the modified firmware, you can follow the our guide to flash in complete safety.

Increase Box TV partition with Rockchip processor

Note: this guide is compatible only with Windows PC.

  • The first thing you need to do is get the firmware for your TV Box. If you don't know where to look for it, I suggest you take a look on the manufacturer's website. For NexBox Z68 owners I recommend downloading this firmware. After downloading the firmware, look for the file with the extension .img and rename it to update.img in case you have a different name.
  • Download the tool Windows Resize App from this link.
  • At the end of the download, extract the folder
  • Inside the folder windows_resizeapp-master copy the firmware update.img of your TV Box you downloaded earlier.

increase partition TV Box 1

  • Now start the tool by double clicking on the file resize.bat.

increase partition TV Box 2

  • Wait for all checks to be performed and, when requested, choose the size you want to assign to the partition intended for the apps. To do this, you must enter a number from 1 to 6, with 1 being the equivalent of 1GB and 6 to 6GB.

increase partition TV Box 3

  • After confirming the choice, the new firmware will be created and, within the folder windows_resizeapp-master there will be a new file called update_xG.img, with a number instead of "x".

increase partition TV Box 4

At this point, you just have to flash this firmware. At the end of the installation, going into the memory settings, you will see that the partition dedicated to the installation of the app will be increased, to the detriment of the partition dedicated to documents, movies and music.

The very simple and intuitive procedure. If you need clarifications or find difficulties, write to us using the comments section at the end of this article.