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How to increase like Instagram

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How many times have you wondered how do some of your friends reach so many "likes" on social Instagram? If the answer is "many", then I advise you to continue reading this guide, because you will also learn how increase like Instagram on your photos, using some simple trick or application that we show you below.

How to increase like Instagram

Starting from the basic concepts, in case you do not know it, I think it is necessary to explain to you this hashtag. Hashtags have been created by Twitter as a means of organizing content and are words preceded by the pound sign (#). These words are very important as they are used on various social networks, including Instagram, to catalog the many contents they convey on social media. Try for example to write #sea in the Instagram search box and you will see all the contents that have the word "sea" appear.

There are popular hashtags used on social media that are highly sought after by users all over the world, and for this there are ways to exploit them in their favor.

Increase like with TagDistrict Lite

So, if your goal is to increase like Instagram without using "too dirty" methods, the method that I propose to you just the right one. I suggest you to download an application that groups the most popular hashtags for each sector. This application is called TagDistrict Lite and available for the moment only for iOS.

If you have an iOS device like iPhone and iPad, you can download it from the following link. Unfortunately, the Android version has been removed from the Play Store.

DOWNLOAD | TagDistrict Lite (iOS)

Once the app is installed, I suggest you try it immediately, uploading a random photo. It then more or less identifies the most sought after category through the app TagDistrict Lite which can be better associated with your photo, and insert the recommended hashtags in the photo, using the "Copy"Present in the application. In the event that the category of the photo is not present or that you just want to do some tests, I suggest you also use the most popular hashtags.


With the TagDistrict Lite app, the most popular current hashtags are searched on the web. The categories are updated and added every day, so you get the most "likes" on your photos.

This is the most practical and least demanding method to increase like Instagram and I hope you find it useful. There are also other methods, perhaps a little more "dirty" that you will probably find in other articles on the web, however if you know someone really effective write it below in the comments!

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