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How to find WiFi password

How to find wifi password forgotten or lost? Indifferently if you have changed or not the default password of your router, very simple find the WiFi password, provided that you are already connected to this network from a Windows or Mac PC. Know the wifi wifi passwordor other essential operators, especially to connect new devices to the network, but if you can no longer find it, here are the different ways to get it. In this guide we will look at the different ways to find out the WiFi password from the router and PC or Mac computer. If you can't remember the password anymore, don't despair and go on reading this guide and you'll find out how to find WiFi password.

How to find the router's default WiFi password

The modern WiFi routers and the combined router / modem units offered by many Internet service providers are provided with a default Wi-Fi network name and password. To find out the default WiFi password, just take the router and examine it, you'll find definitely an adhesive label somewhere that contains both the "SSID" number, the name of the wireless network and the password.How to find WiFi password 1

If you can't find the sticker on the router containing the default password, try looking at the documentation that came with the router to find more information. If you can't find the router documentation, just search the web using the model number and you'll find network access, which is usually a standard password.

If the router uses an open WiFi network or a default password, which is generally the same for each router with that model number, for security we invite you to change it.

How to find protected WiFi password on Windows PC

If you are connected to the WiFi network from a laptop or a Windows desktop PC, the system will remember the WiFi network password keeping it in memory. You can search for the WiFi password on any Windows computer that is currently connected or that is already connected to the WiFi network.

To search for a WiFi network password on Windows 10 and 8.1, click on the "Start"And select"Setting". From the Settings page click on "Network and Internet"And select"network and sharing center"As in the following image.How to find the WiFi password 2After clicking on "Connection Center ……" click on the name of the current Wi-Fi network on the right of "Connections". (If you need to look up the password of a previous Wifi network, click on "Change tab settings", link on the left side of the window. Click on a network name and select "Status")How to find the WiFi password 3

Click the "Wireless ownership"In the" Wi-Fi Status "window that appears.How to find the WiFi password 4

Click on the "Safety"And activate the checkbox"Show characters?To view the hidden password.How to find the WiFi password 5

How to find the protected WiFi password on Mac

If you have a Mac that is currently connected to the Wi-Fi network or the status previously, you can find the password even if you sweat it. Windows and Mac allow you to view this information while mobile devices such as Android smartphones and iPhones and iPads do not officially allow you to view WiFi network passwords, for there are solutions, just read our guides to see the WiFi password on iPhone and Android devices .

To find the WiFi password on your Mac, press Command + Space to open the Spotlight search window, type "Keychain Access"Without the quotes and prizes Submit to start the application Keychain Access.How to find the WiFi password 6Find the name of the WiFi network in the list, click on it and then click on the "info"- looks like a"the?- at the bottom of the window.How to find the WiFi password 7

Click on the "Show password?In the window that appears. You will need to enter the username and password to access the password. To do this you will need an administrator account. Given that your Mac account is an administrator account, just type in the username and password of your own account.

After you've done that, the Mac will show you the Wi-Fi network password.How to find the WiFi password 8

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How to find Wi-Fi passwords in the router interface

If you have access to the router's web interface, you can also search for the password. This assumes that the router is in use with its default username and password so that you can log in, or that you know the current username and password of the router.

Open the Browser from the computer-> type lIP address of the router> press Submit. You will be redirected to the router's login page, enter your username and password which is normally by default admin/admin. Otherwise you can search for them on the internet by entering the router model. If the data entered is correct, the Administration Panel.

When you are in the Administration Panel, go upAdvanced Setup -> Wifiand you will see on the right the router password. From here you can also change it as you wish.How to find the WiFi password 9

Router reset to the default passwordWifi

You don't know how to find WiFi passwords and you don't have access to the router web interface? Do not worry. You can reset the router and force it to use the default Wi-Fi password printed on the router label. Look for a small button "reset?On the router. It is often a pinhole button, you will have to press with a paper clip or another small object. Press the button for ten seconds or so and the router settings will be completely erased and the default values ??will be reset. The name of the WiFi network and the password will be restored to the default ones on the router.

If you find any difficulty on how to find the WiFi password of your router with the methods shown above, I suggest you also read the guide you find at this link:

Not sure the WiFi password of the router or its SSID? Just look for it in the WiFi settings on any device connected to the network and you will see the network name. If no device is still connected to the router, you will need to search for this information on the router itself or in the accompanying documentation.

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