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How to delete Android cache

delete cache android

After using the smartphone for some time, you will surely notice a slowdown of your Android device. Even worse, the device can crash continuously due to system bugs. You can notice it for some applications that you close or the device that restarts without a reason. These are the obvious symptoms that the cache of the Android device is too full. The easiest way to solve these problems is to delete Android cache emptying the enormous content of data that has accumulated over time.

How and when to delete Android cache

Application data stored in the system cache helps Android start applications faster, but more cache data increases and more CPU resources are committed. These data that accumulate in the cache memory are necessary to facilitate the opening of applications or internet pages. When you go to clear the Android system cache the obvious result will greatly improve the device's responsiveness. Also, I suggest you clean the Android cache after making a major system update, such as a firmware update. This is important, because the data that was used by the previous version of the system may still be present. Now let's get to the heart of the guide and see how to empty the system cache on Android devices.

Open the device in Recovery Mode

For clean the cache must turn off the device and start it in Recovery mode, and to do this, each device has its own composition of keys. Here are the combinations for Samsung Galaxy devices:

Home + Volume Up + Power button

until the boot in Recovery mode (written in blue) appears on the screen. At this point it is possible to release the buttons:

Recovery mode

Now that you've entered Recovery mode, you can use the keys Volume up / Volume down to navigate in the menu, and at this point select Wipe Cache Partition confirming with the button Power (on off):

Wipe Cache Partition

At the end of the procedure that allowed you to clear the Android system cache, a message indicating that the system cache has been emptied will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Now you have to select Reboot System (Reboot system) to reboot the device normally:

Reboot System

Once the procedure is complete, you will have your Android device with the cache cleared and you will notice the difference compared to before. It will be evident that the system will carry out the procedures faster. The difference will be more noticeable on Android devices with little RAM or older ones. Cleaning the cache must become a familiar procedure that must be done periodically to keep the phone in good shape.

There are also applications that perform this task, such as Clean Master, try readingthis article: