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How to create a free logo with Shopify

That Shopify was the easiest and fastest way to open an online store by now it was known. That it was possible, then, to have such advanced customization and graphic functions that it made the use of professionals completely unnecessary, well, this is really the most surprising thing. In this article we see how to create a free logo with Shopify.

Think of your brand, your image and your marketing. Do you think that a site equal to millions of others can be really effective? No, right? Here, with Shopify's Logo Maker, the personalization of your e-store can reach the top and allow you, without spending an extra euro, to take care of marketing at advanced levels.create a free logo 1

Creating a very simple online logo on Shopify you will find yourself in front of a very intuitive graphic platform. You don't need to know any markup codes of any kind; not necessary to have graphic skills: just your good taste and your desire for creativity.

The very effective setting. Once you have opened Logo Maker, you will find yourself facing a work plan with a large drawing box and, on the left, a palette with various tools. You will have dozens of icons and figures to serve you; the ability to customize colors as you prefer and different fonts to choose from. In short, even without being professionals, you can create a logo that faithfully reflects your brand, your taste and fits perfectly into your marketing plan.create a free logo 2

An eye-catching logo will also be essential for promoting an e-store. Just imagine: a high-quality shop with a sloppy and faded logo and appearance. Don't give the impression of being a granch, do you? this is why resorting to a special care for the aesthetics of your fundamental site. Now, there are two possibilities: to rely on good and expensive professionals or to provide a free logo. The first option is not always possible. The budget sometimes does not leave enough room for maneuver. And then, why spend money if not necessary? If possible, provide yourself with equally effective results, so much the better. No?

Here, then open Shopify Logo Maker and have fun. Design your logo and let your imagination run wild. Try it if you don't believe it. You will see that this is not one of the usual platforms that promise so much but then allow you to do little and maybe with strong limits. In short, we are not talking about the usual tool for amateurs in jeopardy that then gives embarrassing results.

On the palette, at the top, see as the first item your store's name. Here you will obviously enter the name of your company and then proceed, using the appropriate tools below, to customize fonts and colors, as well as size and orientation. On the work surface you have the possibility to keep an eye on the result constantly but also to further modify your logo.

Returning to the palette, find a conspicuous series of icons and frames that you can add to the logo. These too can be further customized.create a free logo 3

In the palette, at the bottom, you will also find a very useful tool for managing the image position and writing in a way that everything is perfectly aligned.

If you start looking at the results, you can easily realize how easy it is to create logos that are professional even if they have spent little time and few graphic skills. Of course, it's up to you to put good taste and clear ideas about marketing. But the internet is a place full of surprises and useful material for researching, choosing models, learning new strategies.

Having a appropriate professional logo not just an aesthetic touch of little account: a fundamental step to start a business and make it grow. the first step to get out of the amateur dimension of those who sell some object on e-Bay to that of the real professional company that can be an important subject of the market

Think about it: some logos are so well known that they are inseparable from the products associated with this logo. Think of Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola, Volkswagen, but also the logos of numerous retail chains: Esselunga, Coin, la Rinascente. In short, we are not talking about an accessory element. We are talking about the heart of your business. Without a recognizable and memorable brand your company will never really grow and go as far as it deserves. The marketing plan starts here: logo, colors and fonts. Once these aspects are defined, taking care of the rest of the marketing plan will be a walk.

create a free logo 4

Let's think about it a little more. What is a logo? Certainly not a simple design but a captivating arrangement of images and words that, in a nutshell, tells all about our business, what we do and what we are or who we want to be in the market. To use it are generally companies, freelancers, brands of various types and all those commercial activities that want to be known and that want to be remembered effectively.

Create the logo ideal for a company, especially if still in the bud, certainly not a simple thing. Communication, values, ideas and the objective to be conveyed in a single small and simple symbol, capable of being remembered and handed down over time, must be carefully thought out, studied and defined.

To understand if the logo that we have designed or already designed with the logo maker is the right one, it is appropriate to ask yourself some questions. Let's start from here: what can our logo communicate? If done well, it should communicate strength and clear ideas, awareness of what is being offered on the market. A good symbol that alone can communicate a story.

He must then be able to differentiate our business from the competition. This is also a fundamental part of the story that communicates. Why should a customer choose our business and not someone else's? Well, if a good graphic layout gives the right answers, the reasons can be many. Obviously a good logo is not enough to win the competition. But in a sea of ??activities like the one we are creating what can break the rubber wall and get directly to the customer? Well, the obvious answer is a good image and a good logo, especially if creating a free logo was what you were looking for.