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How to backup Android without Root

Android backup

Today we talk about how to make a Android backup without Root. On our smartphones we keep important contacts, photos and data that we absolutely don't want to lose, but what happens if you lose or damage your phone? always a good thing to have a backup of your Android phone and keep all your data, contacts, media and SMS safe. In case you lose or damage your phone, you can easily restore the data, but only if you have previously made a backup. But backing up data only half the task, the other half how to restore data when you need it.

How to backup Android without Root

After backing up your phone, it is always advisable to save the backup folder on your computer or in the cloud storage. There are many options to create a backup copy and here we want to show you the simplest solutions to perform an Android backup without Root on your device.

backup contacts

Backup contacts and calendar

Back up your contacts and calendar – the best way to make backups of your contacts to export them to the SD card and then save it to your PC or cloud. To do this, open the applicationContacts, press on the menu and select "Import / Export" and select "Export to file". Your contacts will be saved on the SD card in format .vcf after clicking export.

Another way (recommended) to backup contacts is to save them on Google. If you haven't already saved the contacts in Gmail, go to the Contacts Setup menu and select "Import from Archive". Select the file .vcf and save it in Gmail. After that, the contacts will be automatically synced each time you log in to your Google account. You can also sync manually by going to Setup – Account – Google. Select your account and click on "synchronize now" from the menu, or you can sync them individually. You can also backup and synchronize Gmail, Calendar and the Google+ account.

SMS backup

Back up the SMS – Every Android user uses the SMS service on their phone. If you want to keep itSuS safe, this application will help you. Allows you to reset every single SMS sent or received. All you need is the app SMS Backup & Restore. Now open the application and click on "Backup". The backup will be created on the phone; You can even save it in the cloud on your PC to restore it in the future. To restore just click on "Restore" and the SMS will be restored. For a more complete guide read this guide.

SMS backup

Note: if you do not see any message after the reset, deactivate the messaging application from Settings and then reactivate it.

Photo backup

Android photo backup

Back up Photos – Perform a very simple backup of your photos with the help of the app Google Photos. The Photos app is a well-organized gallery that lets you automatically back up your photos. All you need to do is open the application and activate the automatic backup and the synchronization option will make the backup of your photos on Google Drive. Another alternative to take backup of your photos on the Android phone is the app Photobucket.

App backup

backup app

Back up the Apps – You can backup all your applications with App Backup & Restore. Only applications are backed up, not data. If you want to back up apk along with the data, root permissions are required. Easily backup and restore applications with a single click. This application will automatically backup the apps as soon as they are installed on the device and can also save the backup to an SD card.

Full backup

App backup

Perform a full backup – You can backup your Android phone individually with the above methods, or you can use a backup tool like Backup & Restore. This application will allow you to back up your entire Android phone to an SD card, Google Drive or Dropbox or Box. As the name suggests, it can easily back up contacts, text messages, call logs, bookmarks, calendars and applications and restore each individually according to your needs. A good backup and recovery alternative My Backup Pro which is also an excellent choice. This is the complete guide on how to backup your Android phone. There are also other methods to take Android backup without Root, but we have reported the solutions that seem best to us. Let us know which backup method you use the comments below.