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How to access the Telecom Modem (TIM)

Have you signed up for a new subscription to have the ADSL line or TIM fiber optic? Then you will have received the new TIM smart modem, ready to support any type of connection. After installing the modem you want to enter the control panel but don't know how to do it? Discover in this guide as you can access in the Telecom modem (TIM) by entering the control panel to change some settings.

The standard setting configured by the telephone operator may not always be enough, some customizations may be required in the settings to meet some of your needs. For example, you want to change the WiFi password, open the ports to quickly connect to eMule or other P2P services or change some aspects of security. To enter the Telecom modem you must use your local WiFi network from your computer. Open your browser and through the IP address you can enter the modem. Read on to find out all the steps to take.

How to access the Telecom Modem (TIM)

To access the new TIM smart modems, connect with a PC or any other device equipped with a Web browser to the WiFi network or using the Ethernet cable and, by opening the preferred browser, type in the address bar:


http: // AliceGate

If the first time you log in to the modem you will be asked to choose an access password in a window similar to the one shown below.

access the Telecom Modem

The admin user has already entered (you can't change it), while in the field Your password you will need to enter a password of your choice for future access, at the end just click Sign in.

From now on entering the configuration panel of the modem (as already seen withhttp:// you only need to enter the password chosen to access the configuration panel of the new smart modem.

enter the Telecom Modem

You can change the password at any time by entering the configuration panel, clicking at the top right on Admin -> Profile settingsand filling in all the fields, so as to set a new password.

Telecom Modem

Telecom modem password forgotten

You no longer know how to access the Telecom modem (TIM)? First of all you can try one of the following passwords, often present on older modems or with passwords preset by the operator:

  • admin
  • password
  • psw
  • empty (do not type anything in the password field)

If none of these passwords works in the Telecom Modem, you can attempt recovery as explained in the following guide.

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