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How the 12-inch iPad Pro is made

The first renderings on the Net show a device with rounded edges, stylus pen and stereo speakers

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The designer Martin Hajek well known in the Apple world, always ready to make mockups of upcoming Apple gadgets. Now try your hand at a 3D model of the iPad Pro, the Cupertino tablet expected in 2015.

The rendering by Hajek, which can be seen on his blog, shows some specifications announced by the various rumors on the Net, ie rounded lines in the iPad Air 2e display style between 12.2 and 12.9 inches.The speakers are found both at the top and bottom to offer stereo sound, while the volume adjustment on the right, along with the lock button. The housing for charging and the Touch Id sensor are low in the center.

As from rumors, it is not lacking the stylus, which should be one of the great news of the iPad Pro.


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