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Hello: I would like chapter 7 and chapter 9 of….

Hello: I would like chapter 7 and chapter 9 of ….

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The American IDG (the publisher famous for books in the "for dummies" series) will allow its customers to purchase personalized books, allowing not only the purchase of chapters based on the needs of the reader but also to group together in a volume only several chapters coming from books also different from each other. With a mechanism similar to the one just described, it will also be possible to purchase versions downloadable from the Internet of the individual chapters of each book. Users will be able to download the chapters of their own interest and read them on screen, transfer them to e-book type devices or have them printed and delivered directly to home. A new era opens up for the publishing world: the degree of customization will be so high that there are those who think they can offer book chapters according to parameters such as: "the sexiest parts", "the most fun parts", "the most mysterious parts", etc. (Edited by Mauro Notarianni)

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