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Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Root and TWRP with Magisk

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Root and TWRP

The latest Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus phones are really well made also from the software point of view. But the desire to personalize them too strong. In order to get rid of junk app, bloatware and install new custom ROMs and firmware, users will need to unlock the root on their devices. To enable this, the XDA developer dr.ketan provided the key to obtaining Root permissions on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus with Magisk.

The display is probably the most important part of S9 and S9 Plus. Both devices share the resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels which vary in the size of the display. The screen is also OLED, which means that every pixel lights up, which makes incredible viewing angles and a beautiful image.

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Root and TWRP with the official Magisk app

Root permissions on Android devices the best thing we can apply to do everything we want. Moreover, this will make you a superuser of your Android, that is, you will be able to manage it however you want. The process requires you to back up the current software before installing a new custom ROM. the process that allows users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to reach root access on various Android subsystems.

If you have no knowledge of Root access methods, be careful, because you may end up making your mobile device unusable. With superuser permission, an app can access all the data on the device and there are many applications that are made by hackers, in order to abuse your data. Furthermore, after accessing the root of the device, users will lose the functionality of Samsung Pay and Secure Folder forever. At this time, it is not possible to recover these features even if you delete access to root from the device.

Follow the procedure below to easily install on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Root with the official Magisk app.


  • This guide is only for the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Do not try it on any other phone.
  • Upload your phone so that it does not run out during the installation process.
  • Backup call logs, contacts and SMS messages. Also backup your media content. This is important as unlocking the bootloader will completely erase the phone data.
  • Enable the mode OEM release is USB debugging on your device.
  • Use the OEM data cable to connect the phone to the PC.
  • Your device must not be RMM blocked. Below are the ways to identify if the device has a RMM lock status.
    • Proceed by restarting the device in mode downloadand if you view the textRMM State = Prenormal, means that your RMM device blocked.
    • If after unlocking theDeveloper options, you can't see the optionsOEM release, means that the RMM device blocked.
    • When the recovery mode is started again, the message "Only officially released binaries can be viewed" is displayed. This means that your Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus 2018 has the RMM block.

Download TWRP Recovery for the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

If the RMM block is not present, you can continue with the guide and see how to install TWRP Recovery and get the root permissions on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Install TWRP on Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

  • Launch Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus in download mode. To do this, follow the steps below:
    • Turn off the device. Now press and hold Volume down + Power key + Bixby until you see a warning screen.
    • Press the Volume Up button once to confirm and access the Download Mode.
  • Download and open Odin3 v3.13.1.exe on your PC and connect your Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus to the PC with a USB cable.
  • When Odin recognizes your device, you will be shown the message Added !! in the register box. If not shown, reinstall the drivers.
  • The door ID: COM by Odin will turn yellow if the correct drivers have been installed.
  • Download the TWRP file to your PC and upload it to Odin. To do this, click on the button AP on Odin and select the TWRP file.
  • Go to the options tab to check if the check boxes Re-partition is Auto Reboot are selected or not. If they have been selected, deselect.
  • Click on the button Start and the TWRP file will be installed on the Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus. The process is completed with the message PASS! which indicates the success of the TWRP Recovery installation.
  • Repeat the process if any errors are detected.
  • Force reboot and re-enter recovery mode to access TWRP. To do this:
    • Press and hold Volume down + Power button until the screen turns off. Once the screen turns off, quickly take this step: while you're still holding down the power button, press Volume up instead of the Volume down button to restart in recovery mode.
  • Now you will be greeted with the TWRP main screen and asked if you are "allow for System modification". Tap the button "Keep Read Only?To prevent the system from being modified and to access the TWRP safely.
  • Click onReboot System >>.

Here, TWRP now installed on your device.

Root Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus with official Magisk

  • Unplug the device and hold Volume down + Power key until the screen turns off, then immediately press Vol up + Bixby + Power to restart TWRP.
  • Scroll Allow for system modifications to confirm.
  • Now go up WIPE menu & Format the Data.
  • need to type Yes to perform the deletion. However, this will erase all data including internal SD memory from the device.
  • Once formatting is complete, go back to REBOOT Menu followed by RECOVERY, this will restart again in TWRP.
  • Switch to the installation menu and activate no-verity-opt-encrypt zip .
  • Once the flashing process is completed, install the Magisk file in the same way.
  • an option has been added to the OEM kernel with flash patches for S9 Plus users (not for S9 users), you can select this option to make OEM more secure.
  • Once the installation is complete, reboot the system and disconnect the device from the PC.
  • However, you should check that Magisk Manager is installed correctly. You can download the Magisk Manager app from the download section and install it manually if not installed.

all. You have successfully installed TWRP and Root on Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus with official Magisk.