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Gabriele Infranca, the secret photographer of Instagram

Among the founders of the blog, the copywriter and photographer started shooting on Instagram just a year ago, holding an iPhone5

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A life spent among the words that of Gabriele Infranca @inanutshell, copywriter and blogger, who for some time has converted into a passion for images (among the founders of, blog that tells any creative form e where care insthunt a weekly selection of photos taken from Instagram). I started taking pictures right away with the arrival of Instagram with my 3GS iPhone. Hocapito "how to take pictures on Instagram a year ago or so and I already had an iPhone 5

What does it mean, "I'm the guy who secretly shoots you, present in your bio?

That sentence I thought six months ago after a comment on my black and white photo of a woman waiting for the subway. A boy wrote to me: I can't wait to find myself as the protagonist of your photos. Here I thought of the boy who secretly shoots you.

How your production evolved: what Instagram filters did you use, which apps to edit, which uses now?

My production has evolved a lot and today it is constantly evolving. I never stop discovering new points of view and like everything in my life – alas – at times. To date I never use i native Instagram filters. Essentially published with VSCO and for some photos I use Snapseed.

Do you shoot with a smartphone or with a camera?

At 98% I use an iPhone 5s today, but sometimes – especially when I travel – I take my Fuji X20 with me. If I put a photoshoot with the camera on Instagram, I always put a hashtag (# fujix20) so as to be clear with those who follow me.

The photos you put on Instagram are only published by other parties in different formats?

In addition to Facebook and Twitter they also go up Tumblrwith the same square format, instead on the VSCO grid I try to insert them also in the native formats.

One thing you like and one you don't like about Instagram.

I like tags: it was a nice move also in business perspective. I don't like videos, I never use them and in my opinion it was just a way to stem Vine's arrival. It did not give much more to the quality of social media.

App for editing from smartphone, which do you use and what advice?

Undoubtedly use and advice VSCO and Snapseed.


I like everything: graphics, speed (on iPhone 5s eh!) And of course presets and functions. In this last period I use a lot of F2, for black and white the B4 and I also like T1 and T2 very much.

Tell me about the crossings you make between the two apps.

On the black and white I have studied and experimented a lot. I managed to have a custom black and white cross over VSCO and Snapseed. Precisely VSCO's B4 preset with the Snapseed Drama filter.

Why black and white?

I shot a lot in b / w innanzituttoperch I like that gloomy atmosphere, especially in one urban city like Milan. Then also because the subjects that I took lent themselves a lot to that mood and finally because I saw that the feedback was very positive and my black and white liked. On the settings in addition to the presets I told you – B4 on VSCO and drama on Snapseed – I use all the VSCO instruments ?by eye?: exposure, temperature and sharpen on all.Some of your rules that you apply in the first place.

First of all never post consecutive photos, type one every 3/5 minutes. I usually publish two a day at a distance of eight hours on the other. If you have a shot in mind for a photo, take at least ten photos and then choose the best one to publish. Last tip: never shoot in the evening if you have a smartphone.

A young man of good hopes?

"Pier Giulio Caivano"


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