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Free photo editor: the best Android apps

Free photo editor

The photographic experience has grown over the years, becoming more popular and accessible to a greater number of users. We used to take snapshots and then wait days to get a print, and then turn to a professional to edit the captured photos to improve the quality. With technological innovation all those provided with a smartphone, can now take high quality photos, with cameras built into Android, IOS and Windows devices, using the apps of Free photo editor developed by third parties.

Free photo editor: the best Apps for Android

The Android revolution has changed the world of smartphones and the most interesting thing, the open source nature of the operating system, which favors the development of many applications, including manyfree Android photo editor present on Google Play Store. These app to edit photos for free, help users improve image quality / effects.

Android has made the life of many photography enthusiasts easier, to the point that you don't always need a computer to edit free photos. In the following article we point out those that we believe are thebest Photo Editor for freethat we can install on the device to improve the photos taken directly from the Android smartphone. Here are the best free Photo Editor apps for Android.

PicsArt Photo Studio

picsart photo editor

A refined photo editor well known by Android users, as the name suggests, PicsArt believes he makes you an artist. With over 87 million installations, PicsArt has become the most popular free photo editor on the Android platform. The all-in-one nature of PicsArt really impressive, as it includes a photo editor, photo grid, collage maker, and a drawing tool. PicsArt full of many effects, borders, frames, stickers, masks, clipart graphics, text effects, captions and many effects that can be applied to photos. In addition, PicsArt Photo Camera allows users to take photos and apply effects in real time in order to improve images instantly. The Artist network allows you to share your edited photos through social networks. To find out more about this app you can try installing it on your Android device.


InShot – Video and photo editor

inshot editor

This one of the best Android Photo Editor and used by many users. Inshotoffers its users a long list of features they can use. A unique Video and Photo Editor app with many features. It is also an Instagram Photo Editing, which allows you to getblurred backgrounds, without cuts and without logos. Inshot an editor that meets the needs of social media with the creation of professional photo editors, withcollage, filters, text, sticker, etc.

Create videos from photos with addedof music, effects and texts, blurred edges, great for YouTube and Instagram. The free version has advertisements, but you can make purchases in the app for the full version.



Pixlr Android

Similar to other photo editors, but you have the possibility to choose from a long list the functions to be applied. Pixlr a very nice Photo Editing that lets you add effects to your photos, crop, resize, color, improve photo quality, add frames and do lots of other things. One of the most useful features in Pixlr Express Auto Fix, which automatically calculates the parameters to be modified, so as to provide a perfect image with just one touch. Pixlr Express aims to make its users a professional in photography, even if they are not good at editing images.


Adobe Photoshop Express

photoshop express

Probably everyone is familiar with the well-known Adobe and its applications. Adobe Systems has developed Adobe Photoshop Express for Android and available in the Google Play Store for free. The features of Adobe Photoshop Express are very similar to the two photo editors mentioned above, with some exclusive features, including over 20 eye-catching effects. On Photoshop Express, automatic photo correction is available, image rendering helps users to manage large images in a better way. Adobe Photoshop Express also allows users to connect with their friends on social networks and share photos through this application.



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<p>This free Photo Editor is chosen by many, and has a very friendly user interface and one of the easiest photo editors to use. The functions of <strong>Snapseed</strong> they are similar to other photo editors, but this application allows the improvement of images in a completely different way that attracts users. Snapseed features include Auto Correction, Image Hue, Straighten & Rotate and Size. In addition to these functions, its exclusive features are: Black & White, Aging, Drama, Retrolux and many others. Snapseed also supports different languages ??and requires Android 4.0 + to work.</p>
<p><strong>SNAPSEED |</strong> LINK DOWNLOAD</p>
<p>These are the best <strong>app to edit photos for free</strong> directly from your Android device. You do not need to move your photos to the computer to make changes and then send them on social media or via email.</p>