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Fiber optic test: find out the maximum speed you can reach

Optical fiber is reaching us anywhere in our country, but not at the same speed. It depends on the technology used by the various operators. The networkFTTC the least fast, because the latest look made from a traditional copper cable FTTHinstead, the fastest, because the fiber reaches your home with an optical cable. Read this article to learn more. If any telephone operator contacts you, now you know how to evaluate the fiber optic speed and respond competently. If in your intentions move to fiber optics, you will seriously consider the many commercial calls that offer you new subscriptions or transitions from the old ADSL to the new optical fiber. So it would be useful, before deciding on a proposal, to find out the maximum speed with a fiber optic test. Read on to find out how.

Have you been offered a new subscription to get the fiber optic connection but don't know what speed you will be navigating? Even before you activate the line you can make an optical fiber test with useful information to understand how your future line will be, with a lot of average speed that you will reach in download and upload. Find out how to get fiber optic information by reading this guide.

Optical fiber test


To perform the fiber optic test you can use the service offered free by Fibermap, available at the following link.

LINK | Fibermap

Optical fiber test

This site specializes in providing information on fiber optic coverage, with details on the speed at which you will navigate once connected with the new technology. In order to use the service, all you have to do is select your region, your province, your city and finally your address, complete with street number. The site will show you a screen similar to the one shown in the image below:

Optical fiber test

If you are covered only by VDSL technology (better known as FTTC, that is the fiber up to the wardrobe) you can find out the maximum speed you will travel by clicking on the Detail button next to it. Once you click on the item you will get, among the many available information, also an indication on the estimated speed you will reach once you activate the line.

Optical fiber testThese figures are obviously an estimate, so you still have to take them with pliers: you can find yourself with values ??that are clearly higher or with slightly lower values ??depending on the condition of your line, the degradation of the copper cable, the crowding of the cabinet and the distance of the same from your home.

If instead you are covered by FTTH technology and no test is required for the maximum estimated speed, because with this technology you will almost always reach the maximum speed indicated by your contract (100 or 1000 megs per second, depending on the area in which you live).

Fiber Test Speed

Have you already activated the fiber optic line? Then you can do a fiber optic test using one of the many sites for speed testing. Personally, I advise you to use the service offered by Ookla, which can be reached at the following link.

LINK | Speedtest

Optical fiber test

Click on the button Go and wait for the result of the test, which will show you the ping (useful when playing online), the maximum download speed and the maximum upload speed.

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