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Facebook F8: 10 news that Facebook launched during the event and why

Meetings, Instagram video calls, VR memories and more. here are 10 things that Facebook presented at the recent F8 event and why they are important

Meetings, Instagram video calls, VR memories and more, here are the 10 news that Facebook has launched at the recent F8 event and why they are important

1. Facebook F8 2018: FaceDate

Facebook is launching an appointment feature where you can create a profile that is visible only to non-friends who have also opted to look for love online. Facebook will match you based on all its data, and messaging will happen in a dedicated mailbox rather than in Messenger.

Why: if Facebook wants to lead the field of "significant connections", the most significant thing is to introduce yourself to your life partner. Facebook will have to be careful to keep everything private, as people already think it's a little creepy or not very cool. But investors love the new service, considering that the share price of Tinder's parent company, Match Group, dropped 22% after the announcement.

2. Facebook F8 2018: Clear the history

Facebook is creating Clear History, a new privacy feature that allows users to delete data that Facebook has collected from sites and apps that use their own advertising and analysis tools. This means that you can delete part of the browsing history from the Facebook data archive. Mark Zuckerberg compared this tool to deleting cookies from the browser history. a nice gesture for privacy, even if you make the use experience on Facebook less personalized.

Why: Zuckerberg has faced tons of questions from Congress on data collected from the entire web. Users were angry to learn that they had little control over them. Clear History could calm the waters.

3. Facebook F8 2018: Instagram video chat and anti-bullying

Instagram is launching the video chat. Meanwhile, Instagram is also creating a new filter to protect users from bullying, plus an improved Explore tab.

Why: Instagram Direct messaging is very popular, but video chat was missing … which is also very popular on Messenger and WhatsApp. Combined with anti-bullying features, Instagram could become a safer and more foolish place for kids to get out – than just what Facebook wants to defeat Snapchat.

4. F8 2018: Facebook is reopening its app review process

Facebook will reopen the review process app after the break that followed the Cambridge Analytica crisis: good news for developers.

Why: Facebook cannot risk that another sketchy app slips between the crevices of Facebook and sells user data, but it must also keep developers true to its platform in order to continue to create experiences that attract users. Facebook was wise to balance security and privacy with the new features developed now.

5. Facebook F8 2018: Oculus Go will be on sale for $ 199

Oculus Go, the low-cost, high-performance, autonomous VR viewer from Facebook now on sale. It costs $ 199 in the US for the 32GB version with integrated memory and $ 249 for the 64GB variety.

Why: VR viewers where you need to attack your phone are awkward and prevent Facebook from controlling the entire experience of use. Instead of relying on the Samsung Gear viewer and on your iPhone or Android, Facebook can now dictate every aspect of what concerns the perfect VR viewer.

Facebook F8 news

Facebook F8: among the 10 news that Facebook has launched c ?Oculus Go

6. Facebook F8 2018: Messenger simplifies and starts the translation

Facebook is moving forward in the translation of chat threads in Messenger, starting with the English-Spanish translation in the United States within the Marketplace. Meanwhile, Facebook is removing the camera and game tab to give Messenger a cleaner design.

Why: translation could translate into Facebook's promise to approach the world by eradicating language barriers and allowing people to realize what they have in common. But Messenger was becoming too clumsy with so many new features, so simplification should make those actually useful shine.

Facebook F8 news

7. Facebook F8 2018: Introduction of memories in VR and 3D photos

Facebook about to introduce illustrations e 3D models in the feed of news. It also transforms 2D photos into VR memories.

Why: Facebook wants to keep up with content trends and be the home of future formats. It may seem like a little useful today, but at least it keeps Facebook interesting.

8. Facebook F8 2018: WhatsApp reaches 450 million state users

The Snapchat Stories clone, the WhatsApp State has now reached 450 million active users on a daily basis. This is 2 times the total number of users of the entire Snapchat app. And WhatsApp is also adding group stickers and video calls.

Because it is an important aspect if we consider that Snapchat has suffered its slowest rate of user growth ever, while the State of WhatsApp continues with its explosive growth. Snapchat has neglected the international market at first, and now WhatsApp has beaten it all over the world.

9. Facebook F8 2018: Sharing on Facebook and Instagram Stories from other apps

Starting from Spotify, SoundCloud and GoPro, other apps can share photos and videos directly on Stories within Facebook and Instagram.

Why: Facebook wants to make its stories more interesting than those of Snapchat. This new aspect of the platform could create an enormous opportunity for the discovery of music, which has not been seen since Myspace.

10. Facebook F8 2018: Oculus TV

Oculus wants you to watch TV in its new Go viewer. At first you'll have Facebook Watch, but expect apps like Netflix and Hulu to arrive sooner or later.

Because: there are not enough virtual experiences, but maybe Facebook wants to push people to spend more time with the viewer by creating a large virtual screen for 2D content.

Facebook F8 news