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Easily transfer files and music to iPhone and iPad with WinX MediaTrans

One of the most annoying operations for iOS device owners is the transfer of files to and from the PC. Apple offers iTunes as management software for these operations. The latest updates have made iTunes a hardly usable software, so many are looking for alternative software to perform these operations more easily. WinX MediaTrans offers a solution to easily transfer files, music and photos between PCs and iOS devices.

No matter how much space you have on your iPhone or iPad. When you start using your iOS device, space is never enough. This is because we try to transfer all our music, TV series shows to see and movies, especially when we have to leave for the holidays. When we find ourselves in this situation, we often regret not having purchased an iPhone or iPad with more storage. But there is a simpler solution, which consists in a more efficient management of the contents. If you don't feel comfortable with iTunes, then consider using alternative software like WinX MediaTransthat you can download from here to manage your files, photos and music.

Through this software you can, in all simplicity, transfer all types of files between PC and iOS, without having to worry about converting videos and songs to make them compatible with your iPhone. Below you will find all the possibilities offered by this software. If you want, you can buy a license with 50% discount using this link.

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<h2><span class=Transfer photos quickly with WinX MediaTrans

Apple allows you to transfer your photos to your PC using iCloud or through a dedicated application. Do this with WinX MediaTrans it becomes a very simple procedure: just start the software, connect the iOS device and you will see all your photos organized in folders (month / year). You can select them individually or in folders. Then just select the Export button and you can have all your favorite photos on your PC in just a few seconds.

At the expense of iTunes, WinX MediaTrans uses Intel QSV and NVIDIA NVENC technologies, which make these procedures much faster as they take advantage of all the potential of a GPU processor. For more information on transferring photos, you can read the official WinX MediaTrans tutorial.

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<h2><span class=Manage videos simply

As for the photos, WinX MediaTrans allows you to quickly transfer videos from iPhone and iPad to your PC. Compared to iTunes, this software also allows you to carry out the reverse operation simply. Normally, if you want to transfer a movie to your iPad, you must initially convert the video to mp4 (H.264) format and then move it to your device. WinX MediaTrans performs this operation automatically: after selecting the video to be transferred from the PC to iOS, the software automatically performs the conversion, adapts the size of the video according to the size of your device's display and then transfers it to the internal memory of your iPhone and iPad. The efficiency of this software allows the conversion and transfer of several video files simultaneously.

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<h2><span class=Transfer your favorite songs

Often the expensive size of your music library does not allow you to transfer all the songs to your iPhone. For this reason you should import all the songs in iTunes, manage the playlists and import only the songs you want. In the long run, this operation becomes very difficult to manage and maintain. WinX MediaTrans also simplifies this task. You can easily manage the songs already on your iOS device, add them to a playlist, export them to your PC, change the track information or simply delete them.

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<h2><span class=Conclusions

In addition to the operations listed above, WinX MediaTrans can do much more. For example, a great tool to backup the contents of your iPhone and iPad or turn the iOS device into a USB stick.

If you are interested in this software, you can download WinX MediaTrans and use it for free for 30 days. If at the end of the free trial you are interested in buying. using this link you will get a 50% clash on the list price.