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Deejay and iTunes, you can give more

With over 12 million listeners in the seven days and about 5 million in the average day, Radio Deejay ranks first in Italian radio (only RadioUno exceeds it, but in the average day, Audiradio data), always the most original and less obvious, always a hotbed of characters that are written in the book of Italian entertainment, which has always been innovative.

It could only be chosen first by Apple Italy for the promotion of the iTunes Music Store and iPod (here the blue banners in rotation on the radio site, but also elsewhere, to accompany the 20 euro coupons donated to the Premio Fedelt) , a few hours after the birth of the Italian version of the digital music store.

We are equally sure that the director of Deejay, the same Linus (who, incidentally, is preparing to run his third New York City Marathon escorted by SportItalia cameras this Sunday), has had some role in the idea of ??this sponsorship, as a user of Apple computers has recently been a "VIP" user of the iPod.

The state of grace of the relations between Deejay and Apple at the highest levels, to such a point that, it would seem, it would perhaps even be time for the popular Italian broadcaster to take the big step, what no Italian radio has done so far: distribute in streaming QuickTime its own transmissions. The move would allow it to find a place in that iTunes advertised by its frequencies, within the 20 radio categories or, better, among the 366 active streams (there for all tastes, what a pity of the ?good modern musical radio "It remains a bit dry, having the patience to run through them all, from the minimum of 16 to the maximum of 160 kbps).

At the moment Radio Deejay, in fact, has a live streaming (as well as Deejat TV) but transmits only and exclusively in the Windows Media Player and Real Player formats. The choices made by Elemedia of the Espresso Group, the current owner of the radio after the first fifteen years of Cecchetto management and some militancy in Sper, seems to be the author of this choice.

Information and confirmations on the subject had been collected at the end of May when, when consulting one of the representatives of the radio, with specific competences on the subject, we had learned that the decision to exclude QuickTime determined by a simple "problem of costs, we do not have – he told us our interlocutor – a budget to set up a further streaming platform ?. Responding then to our clarifications on the economy and the high quality level of QuickTime Streaming Server, the replica had been oriented to the hardware and network requests "we forget that there is a PC to buy and the band to use".

That the Espresso Group (2003 turnover of 1.051 billion euros) could deem an excessive expenditure the 3,000 euros needed to purchase an Xserve seems implausible even if we do not have the pulse of the situation and a complete view of the work system, It is likely that something more complicated and that further raises the costs and organizational needs may be missed.

Despite this we think that finding Deejay among the iTunes radio could be useful to many Italians (and not) who have been using Mac for a long time or who, while using Win, appreciate the quality of iTunes. The number of these growing users saw the success of the iPod and iPod mini. Apple has distributed 85 million copies of iTunes (data not updated after June), in practice 85 million showcases that would increase the visibility of Radio Deejay between benefits for the broadcaster itself as well as for its advertising agency and its advertisers.

QuickTime 6 is downloaded every day in 350,000 copies; according to what was recently declared by Frank Casanova of Apple (here the video, naturally in MPEG4 format visible with QuickTime) and the competition between the three multimedia formats seems to be fierce judging by the figures you see on the side: Win Media stable with the greatest diffusion, QuickTime the heels but growing, while Real third and does not seem to be gaining great improvement.

Things change: if few would have ever thought that the famous Deejay Parade could be closed maybe we could even give ourselves the luxury of being able to hope that one day Win Media Player and Real Player will be joined more and more by QuickTime on sites that broadcast multimedia content online.