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Create websites automatically with Wix ADI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming the most popular words of 2017. Important companies like Google and Apple are using these algorithms more and more in their products. This trend is getting stronger and stronger over the months. In the recent past, artificial intelligence algorithms have been mostly used for pattern recognition. For example, Google makes extensive use of these technologies for the recognition of photos in the Google Photos app. Apple, on the other hand, shows suggestions of the next words we might want to write when we use the system keyboard. The tendency to give consciousness to machines, allowing them to make decisions, thus speeding up our work. So why not use artificial intelligence even to create websites automatically? This is the question asked by the engineers of Wix, when they started working on their latest project: ADI, an acronym for Artificial Design Intelligence.

For those unfamiliar with the company, Wix allows the creation of websites in a few simple clicks. You don't have to be an IT expert or a programmer to build your own company website. Despite the huge service offered by Wix, to make things easier they have decided to create a tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically create a website. These solutions are typically used by small traders who often have little time to devote to building a site and do not want to face a large investment by contacting external software houses. The new Wix ADI makes the procedure for these people even more simple and immediate, offering a quality result with minimum effort.

Create artificial intelligence websites using Wix ADI

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How Wix Artificial Design Intelligence works

In building websites using artificial intelligence algorithms, Wix combines the information of more than 100 million users to create a complete and impactful site. The procedure starts with five questions that are asked to the user:

  • What will the website be used for?
  • What is the type (blog, e-commerce, etc.)?
  • What is the name of the business?
  • In which geographical area is the activity located?
  • What kind of design do you want to achieve?

Just answer these simple questions and confirm to see the site appear before your eyes automatically. Everything is created by exploiting the information deriving from the other sites on the platform. If the doubt that you may lack personality on your site, don't worry. The end result will be different from user to user.

Obviously always possible to make changes if there is a need. The advantage is that you have a basic structure that is already ready, on which to enter information that we want to show on our site.

Service features

The first feature of Wix ADI that the final design of the unique site. The creation algorithm selects between millions of combinations to create a site that is always different from user to user. Furthermore, by responding with precision to the questions posed and integrating the information already present in its vast database, artificial intelligence is able to build the website that best fits the customer's needs.

Typically when he tries to make his own website, the first thing he looks for is the design proposed by other online competitors. This process can take several hours, the time required to accurately define the structure to be given to the site. An artificial intelligence algorithm can do this job for us. And that's exactly what Wix ADI does: it studies competitors' sites to recreate a site in line with market needs.

Obviously there is the possibility to customize the final result according to your needs. Users can change themes, edit texts, add new ones, insert photos and much more.


Fix Artificial Design Intelligence can be the ideal solution for small traders who do not have the possibility of personally creating a website, or economic availability to rely on external programmers. To fully understand what are the potentials of ADI, I suggest you watch the company presentation video.

If you are curious and would like to touch the potential of artificial intelligence or you want to find out how to create a website with Wix, visit their official website. What do you think of the service to create websites? Have you tried it? Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment at the end of this article.