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Create iPhone ringtones from an mp3 file

create iPhone ringtones

You like a piece of music and you want this to become yours iPhone ringtones favorite? We don't always like the default ringtones provided by Apple, or we like to listen to a specific song when our phone rings. Maybe you don't know that you can create them yourself using an mp3 music file of your favorite song. If you have downloaded the mp3 file to your computer, we will now see how this can become an iPhone ringtone for all device versions.

Using the method that we will see below, it will no longer be necessary to buy a ringtone from online sites or from iTunes. Follow this guide and you'll find out how easy it is to use an mp3 file for create iPhone ringtones completely free using iTunes.

IPhone Ringtones: how to create it with iTunes

  • From your browser, open iTunes on your computer. If you don't have it, download it from here. Go to the music library and select the music in mp3 format that you want to convert into a ringtone for iPhone.
  • Click with the right mouse button and when the menu opens, select Track information;
  • From the mask select the tab Options;

This is the image you will have on the computer screen.

create ringtone with iTunes
  • Select "Home" is "end"And choose the exact dynamic point and the end point of the ringtone. Important: the ringtone should be no more than 40 seconds;
  • Click on OK and close the mask.
  • Now you will have to go back to the song you chose as a ringtone and click again on the right mouse button and choose the menu item Create AAC version;
  • You will immediately have the copy of the song that will be your ringtone in the format .aac;
  • Now drag the song to your PC desktop, which will have extension m4a,
  • Rename the extension from m4a in m4r.

What to do if file extensions are not displayed on Windows?

If the file extension does not appear on the desktop, open a folder at random on your PC, select Tools / Folder Options, select now viewing and then remove the check mark from the item hide extensions for known file types and finally click on apply;

If you have Windows 7, open a folder, select the item Organize positioned in the top menu, choose Folder and search options, choose the tab viewing, remove the check mark on Hide extensions for all known file types, click on apply;

Just finished renaming the song, click on it twice and it will be inserted in the library ringtones of iTunes;

Now connect the iPhone to the PC and start the synchronization procedure by selecting the ringtone library. The newly created ringtone will be transferred to your iPhone. If the song is not detected among the ringtones, delete the old file and perform file synchronization. This all.

If instead you want to create an mp3 ringtone without using iTunes, I suggest you read this guide where you will find the procedure to set song as iPhone ringtone without using iTunes.