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Chrome extensions for Netflix: how to make the most of it

If you are a movie buff looking for new ways to watch your favorite series on streaming services, surely you will also have a Netflix subscription. This service allows you to watch movies and TV series on Netflix sitting comfortably on your sofa in the most traditional way through your smart TV. But if you want to use the service also on your computer, then surely you will be interested to know that there are several Chrome extensions for Netflix, with which you can make the most of the online streaming platform.

If you use the Google browser, in this article I will show you the best ones Chrome extensions to download movies from Netflix that are in circulation, to make the way to watch movies and TV series from the Netflix pay platform easier and more interactive.

The best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Netflix is ??enjoying huge success, thanks also to the countless TV series produced exclusively. Although the website of the streaming platform is very simple and intuitive, there are several extensions of Google Chrome that could make it even more convenient to use Netflix on your computer. You may already have heard of it, but you don't know which to choose, considering that there are so many Netflix Extensions. To make your life easier, in this article we'll show you the best Chrome extensions for Netflix currently in circulation, so you can choose one, the one you like best.

How to download extensions to Google Chrome

If you don't know how to download an extension on Chrome, just follow these simple steps.

Chrome extensions for Netflix 1

  • Open the browserChrome
  • Click on the menu at the top right (three dots)
  • Go up Other tools and click on Extensions
  • You'll see the extensions you've already downloaded. Go to the bottom left and click on Try other extensions.
  • At the top left, enter in the search box (Search the store) the name of the chosen extension and click on Submit.
  • From here select the chosen extension and click on addand from the banner that appears, click on Add Extension.
  • Now the extension icon will appear on the top bar.

The best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Flix Plus

The first extension we want to recommend to you Flix Plus, developed by Lifehacker. It is a plugin that adds numerous tools to Netflix, such as iIMDb scores is Rotten Tomatoes, information from Wikipedia, Google and much more. Moreover, it also adds an "opaque" effect of the contents already displayed, in order to allow a faster fruition.

downdload | Flix Plus

Profanity Filter

It is a tool designed for families. Indeed Profanity Filter censors content not suitable for minors, such as swear words.

DOWNLOAD | Profanity Filter


Not all categories are visible on Netflix normally. Did you know that there is also a category on Horses? With this tool you will have easy access to all existing categories on Netflix, even those that are normally not viewable. Once installedFindFlix, in fact, it will be enough to click on the logo and select one of the numerous categories to see Netflix content filtered based on the choice.


Video Adjust

AlsoVideo Adjustlets you go and take action on video quality, allowing you tomodify parameters like brightness, contrast is saturation. For the less experienced, it is also possible to set up presets. There may be a particularly convenient solution that allows you to avoid changing the monitor's basic values.

DOWNLOAD | VideoAdjust

Player Controller

We conclude withPlayer Controller, very useful extension that allows you to use the keyboard of your computer as if it were a remote control. Thanks to this tool, in fact, you cancreate shortcutsfor the various multimedia commands, such as pausing a video by pressing CTRL + P, or raise or lower the volume with + and.

DOWNLOAD | Player Controller

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