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Black is more beautiful: here is the iTrip for the U2 iPod

Black is more beautiful: here is the iTrip for the iPod of U2 logomacitynet1200wide 1

Those of Griffin call it "the ultimate peripheral for the iPod". Certainly iTrip is a bit the pride of the series of products designed and created specifically to give even more value to your iPod. And so it could not miss a special edition, in which the color is perfectly tied to what Apple has reserved for the lucky few who will want to afford the small luxury of a black iPod with a red U2 Edition ring.

Notice of doubts about the effective operation of the system studied at the time by Griffin to transmit to the car radio the musical content stored within our small iPod. In many find the system to change frequency laborious (practically "playing" from a fake playlist with songs that the add on interprets as new transmission frequencies) and almost useless given the crowding that characterizes the ether from ours.

For some small steps ahead with iTrip was made, apart from the color noir: no batteries are required, the consumption said minimum and automatic shutdown after 60 seconds of silence. We also remind you that together with the "normal" model for iPod white Griffin also has a model dedicated to the iPod mini that fits perfectly to the shape of the smallest player in the Cupertino line. Griffin products are distributed in Italy by Turnover.

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