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Best Android camera app for free

camera app

By now most Android devices (smartphones and tablets) allow you to take good quality photos. Often, before sharing the photos taken, you will be looking for some details Android camera app that allows you to edit photos or make them more artistic, adding emojis, effects or writings.

So I thought of facilitating this search operation, grouping together in a single list the Android applications that will allow you to modify your photos as you prefer, perfect to be shared on social networks with your friends! Below you will find the ones we considered the best camera app for android free to instantly change the shots to your liking.

The best free Android camera app

Why do you have to download the photo on your computer to change it when you can do it directly on your smartphone? Just install one of the photo apps that you will find below and you can edit images and share them directly from your phone.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express one of the best tools for rapid photo editing Android, simple and powerful on mobile devices. Download and use more than 60 professional looks and advanced fixes like Noise Reduction and Remove Fog for free. Once you've completed the changes, share your work directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or your other favorite social networks. Photoshop Express integrates the power of Photoshop CC, which gives you the flexibility and control you need to access the your images anywhere through Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Photoshop Express

DOWNLOAD | Adobe Photoshop Express: photo and collage editor


Phonto a simple Android photo app that allows you to add text on images, using many fonts, colors and sizes.

Phonto Android


Photo Frame

This application will allow you to put your photos in wonderful colored frames, I recommend it a lot, because it will allow you to create real creative postcards.

Photo Frame

DOWNLOAD | Photo Frame



Aviary an application that provides you with lots of effects to retouch your photos. It also allows you to crop photos, to change their brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and noise. You can also rotate photos, fix red eyes, lighten teeth and remove major defects. No longer available on Play Store, but you can download it in the APK format.


YouCam Perfect

Application to have perfect selfies.

DOWNLOAD | YouCam Perfect


Application full of effects to be applied very quickly to your photos, even at the very moment you take the photo.

Retrica Android

DOWNLOAD | Retrica


An application that will allow you to completely retouch your photos, completely modifying them.




To describe this application, some numbers are sufficient: 150 unique filters divided into categories, 70 incredible special effects, 100 adjustable models, and the results are saved in 3 formats.


DOWNLOAD | PhotoStudio


Unlike the applications mentioned so far, this is more than providing tools for photo retouching, a sort of social media, where you can share your shots and, above all, follow famous photographers, or your friends.




Fotor a powerful image editor with a myriad of tools: more than 100 effects and very popular templates for photo collages.

Fotor app



Giddylizer a very nice application that allows you to edit photos by inserting stickers.


DOWNLOAD | Giddylizer


Pinterest a social network of image sharing, where you can upload your shots, organizing them on bulletin boards. I use it and I find it very useful especially as a source of inspiration, I suggest you try it.

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<p><strong>DOWNLOAD |</strong> Pinterest</p>
<h3><span class=PhotoMirror

As you can easily understand from the name, this is an application that allows you to create reflection effects in your photos, creating very creative and attractive images.

PhotoMirror Android

DOWNLOAD | PhotoMirror

We Heart It

Like Pinterest, this is also a social network of image sharing, where you can find several interesting quotes and can be used as a source of ideas and inspiration. Perhaps aimed more at a female audience.

We Heart It

DOWNLOAD | We Heart It


PicsArt is also an application dedicated to photo editing, with many effects, filters and the possibility of customizing your shots.



Sketch Cam cartoon artist

With this app you can transform your photos into splendid works of art and modify photos with surprising artistic filters.Artist has the best photo filters for creative photos, Photo Editor, selfie to help you highlight your artistic skills using a series of filters, effects, sketches.

Sketch Cam

DOWNLOAD | Sketch Cam cartoon artist

PIP room

This application provides very nice and creative effects that can make your photos even more special.

Android PIP camera



As I think you know, Instagram allows you to publish only square images, so to avoid cutting out images, you should download this application that, by putting a border around your image, allows you to share all your photos on Instagram, no need to cut them out.

Squaready Android

DOWNLOAD | Squaready

Pic Collage

As I think we understand, this last of the 20 best free Android photography applications allows you to make collages with your photos, arranging them according to the various grids and patterns that the application provides.

Pic Collage

DOWNLOAD | Pic Collage

In the list of course I have not included applications like Instagram or Tumblr, because I think that by now they know more or less all of them, however if you have any particular request don't hesitate to leave a comment!

I hope these free Android camera apps will be useful to you. Write in the comments as for you the best Android camera app, or if you know others, maybe better than these.

If you need to reduce an image, you can do it directly on your Android device. If you don't know how to do it, I suggest you read this guide.

Camera apps on Android devices take pictures in JPEG or PNG format that bring data compression and quality loss. If you want to do photo-retouching on the shots you will need to use the RAW format. Find out what the RAW format is in this guide the best app for taking RAW photos on Android.