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Apple ready to develop new multimedia apps for Windows

Apple is preparing for the development of his "new generation" multimedia apps for Windows operating systems: a job announcement revealed, published earlier this month and discovered in the past few hours by colleagues from Neowin. It is interesting to note that the experience with the UWP development platform, born with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, is called "a big plus".

The final disappearance of the Microsoft system in the mobile world had generated many doubts about the future of the UWP platform, because on desktop the advantages were not sufficient to convince the bulk of developers to abandon the traditional Win32. However, it is true that Win32 apps are not supported by devices such as consoles Xbox One, which would be strategically risky to exclude – especially for services like Apple TV +. It remains to be seen if the Cupertino company will rely solely on the new platform, thus excluding the compatibility with all versions of Windows prior to the current one.

With the advent of MacOS 10.15 Catalina, iTunes was officially retired, replaced by three more specific apps: Podcasts, Music and TV (with the addition of the traditional Finder to manage the backup of iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices). On Windows, however, it remained available, flanked by the web versions of Music and TV; but it is a solution that is now beginning to suffer the weight of years.