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Apple presents iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, a new era begins

Apple presented the highly anticipated iPhone 6, in two models, and the most awaited Apple Watch. The screens are 4.7 and 5.5 inches and are available from 19 September.

/ Apple presented the highly anticipated iPhone 6, in two models, and the most awaited Apple Watch. Tim Cook for the first time since replacing Steve Jobs at the head of Apple presented a new product category, definitively begins his era and for the whole world of technology a new chapter.LiPhone 6 respects all rumors: Bigger than Bigger his slogan.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6's screen alongside this model joins the iPhone 6 Plus, the 5.5-inch family giant. The resolution of record-breaking screens: 1334 x 750 for the iPhone 6 and 1920 x 1080 pixels for the Plus. The design changed, all metal, round edges and new lines. There are three colors: gold, silver and black. US prices range from $ 199 to $ 399 for the iPhone 6 (with a two-year contract) and from $ 299 to $ 499 for the iPhone 6 Plus

> The processorThe first major change, in addition to the screen size the processor. An amazing 64-bit A8 capable of delivering incredible performance, 50 times higher than the first iPhone. The GPU does even better by reaching 84 times the speed of the first Apple phone. The result is 3D video games that have nothing to envy to those on PC. In the processors section is added a novelty: M8, the chip for movements. All the functions that relate to the movements are delegated to the M8, relieving the main processor and thus being able to count on greater efficiency. This translates into greater battery autonomy, not yet the hoped-for revolution, but the iPhone 6 guarantees greater autonomy than the 5 and 5 S.

> Camera

The iPhone is perhaps the most popular compact camera in the world. The quality still improves with the new 8 Mega pixel iSight. The autofocus system changes faster, in fact it uses a technology borrowed from the reflex cameras. The new sensor has a better color rendering and guarantees more defined details. An important novelty is the image stabilizer that digital on the iPhone 6 and even optical on the iPhone 6 Plus. It means that the lens moves to compensate for hand movements. a bit as if the lens was mounted on an intelligent suspension that keeps the lens straight despite the vibrations. Changing the lens system and also the sensor, the two combined things offer photographers an aperture of 2.2 F.

> Prices (update)

In Italy the iPhone 6 coster 729 euros VAT included with 16 GB memory, 839 for the 64 GB and 949 euros VAT included for the top range of 18 GB. The iPhone 6 Plus will cost in Italy 839 euros from 16 GB, 949 euroda64 GB and 1.059 for the 128 GB model.

> Apple Paythe most revolutionary novelty because it is made of the same material as Apple made: ideas, hardware and software. a new payment system that promises to be faster than the credit card and even more secure. You pay by clicking on the iPhone 6 home button with the fingerprint reader and pointing to a special receiver. In a second the transaction made. Apple enters the big world of payments. Tim Cook stressed that its all about wallet said. But how does this little magic work? With the iPhone 6 camera you take a picture of your credit card, so all the numbers and codes are read. The user must then authorize the phone to pay and the game done. From a security standpoint, the Apple Pay transaction does not transfer the static credit card codes (Card number and security number) but special variable codes. If you lose your phone just use the App Find my iPhone and the possibility to pay is blocked.

> One More thing: Apple Watch, the most anticipated of all, the much anticipated new product category, the first new segment of the Tim Cook era that said We have been working very long and very hard to create Apple Watch and I see. a clock, a communication system, a device for sport, for health. just born Apple Watch and already a line of 3 models: Watch, Sport and Edition, two different screen sizes and three types of straps.The first Apple wearable design represents a complete redisign of the operating system. There are the apps but they govern differently. First, the icons are round and move smoothly, like mounted on a sphere, along the screen. Most of the commands are given with a wheel. The touch screen prophet acknowledged that you can't govern a small screen with the same gestures you use with a smartphone. Luxury design, probably the first wearable device that people will want to show off, not just wear.

The Edition version in gold, with sapphire crystal, is the most precious. It is equipped with many sport sensors and two different Apps: Fitness and Workout, one for everyday life and the other for sport. It also does cardio frequency and gps. To work it needs to be paired with the iPhone (not a stand alone device). Not all features have been quickened in detail: it is known that it can be used to control TV, as a viewfinder for iPhone photos and much more. Available in early 2015. The price starts at $ 349.

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