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Apple discounts on expiration

Apple discounts on expiration

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Some of the special offers presented by Apple on some of its products and for the purchase of software are now expiring. Here below, for those interested in still doing some good business, a summary of the available discountsDiscount for the purchase of Adobe Web CollectrionSpecial price for all those who purchase any PowerMac or PowerBook on the Adobe Web Collection package. Illustrator, Photoshop and GoLive will cost 1,460,000 lire with a discount on the purchase of individual packages of 1.5 million. Offer valid both at the Apple Store and at retailers until April 28thDiscount on Apple Studio Display 15 ? or 17 ?By purchasing a PowerMac G4 you are entitled to a very substantial discount on the order of Apple 15 ? LCD monitors or the traditional 17 ? monitor. The Studio Display 17 ? will cost 721,900 lire (+ VAT) and the Studio Display 2,253,000 lire (+ VAT). Offer valid only for those who buy at the Apple Store until April 28th. Two other offers are available, valid for a longer time. Refund of 40,000 liras on the purchase of MacOs 9.0 (info in PDF) All those who have purchased MacOs 8.5 or 8.6 can get a discount of 40,000 lire if they purchase MacOs 9.0. Available for those who buy at the Apple Store or for those who buy from an Apple retailer. Those who have MacOs 8.x bundled with a computer cannot access the offer. In this case the offer is valid until May 30th.64 MB of free RamBy purchasing an iMac, iBook with an HP printer you have the right to get 64 MB for free. Offer valid both at AppleStore and ordering the printer and a machine with 128 MB of Ram (on the invoice the additional 64 MB will not be counted), either by purchasing the same products from a regular Apple reseller. In this case you need to fill out a form for shipping to your own home for free Ram. Valid until June 30th 2000.

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