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An Internet Seybold

An Internet Seybold

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Key3Media Events (the company that organizes the event) announced some details of the Seybold 2000 that will take place from August 27th to September 1st this year at the "Moscone Center" in San Francisco. "Dynamic publishing to any media a new reality in the world of communications and the Seybold seminars are at the forefront of this revolution, "said Gene Gable, vice president and general manager of Seybold Seminars and Publications. More than 350 exhibitors are expected and among these are: Adobe, Apple , Macromedia, Microsoft, Kodak and Quark. During the events, we will talk about e-books, design, digital rights management, the advantages of XML, e-commerce and on-demand printing. In the press release, the names of many of the characters who intervene will be mentioned; among these: Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple), John Warnock (CEO of Adobe Systems), Norm Carp (president and CEO of Macromedia) and John Gafe (chief researcher of Sun Microsystems). (by Mauro Notarianni)

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