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Amazon Fire HD 6 and 7, the proof

The two low cost mini tablets from Jeff Bezos's company are not Android, for better or for worse

Price: from 99 euros | Vote: 7.5More information: Amazon Fire HD

(Photo: Amazon)(Photo: Amazon)

In the last batch of Amazon tablets there are solutions with a reduced size and from the very interesting price. Fire Hd 6 and Fire Hd 7 are almost identical tablets that share most of the specifications, but, in everyday use, offer slightly different experiences.

From a constructive point of view, the Amazon mini tablets are impeccably made. In agreement, elegance was perhaps not at the top of the designers' thoughts: the thickness of the tablets above the category average and lines and colors are not exactly under the banner of sobriety. Fire Hd 6 and 7 for are sturdy and pleasant to use. The hard and rough plastic that covers them gives them an excellent resistance to twisting and the smaller of the two, thanks to its small size but also to a very thin frame, you can hold it by wrapping it firmly with one hand. They are tough tablets, more useful than beautiful.

(Photo: Amazon)(Photo: Amazon)

Our sympathy goes to the smallest. In prolonged use it gave the impression of being a more durable and portable product, makes better use of space at his disposal and in his shoulder bag he practically can't be heard. Finally, with the same resolution of the displays (two luminous units of 1280 × 800 pixels), thanks to the reduced surface it enjoys a greater definition.

There are a processor to animate them Mediatek quad core and the latest version of the Fire Os operating system. a winning combination: the Amazon system does not require exorbitant resources and the Taiwanese low cost company does its job without weighing too much on the battery. The performance of the two tablets is good (better to leave aside the more complex 3D games) and the autonomy of both lasts from one to two days, depending on the use you make of it: only the streaming video devourers will have to attack Fire HD before the evening.

If the performances do not disappoint, a right parenthesis must be opened regarding the system versatility. Fire Os in fact flexible, but not at the level of the Android KitKat operating system on which it is based. THE'app store Amazon's not perfect, although it remains possible to add apps from alternative markets, and the user interface set up by Jeff Bezos's company not designed for customization, productivity or multitasking. In short: the integration with Amazon services is excellent as usual, and one of the strengths of the two devices, but Hd 6 and 7 they are not Android tablets.

Amazon has made it clear for years: its target audience are not fans of the green robot. Which by now, looking in the right places, can also find elsewhere quality tablets at a good price. The Fire are rather portals of access to a world of contents. And, in this respect, only one flaw undermines its reliability: the lack of a micro sd card slot, which nails the storage capacity of tablets to 8 or 16 GB. An intentional choice by Amazon, which aims to make you rely on its cloud services, but also a strategy that will alienate the likes of many.

HD 6 and 7 therefore remain tablets with an unbeatable price, reserved for a particular category of users: those looking for a hybrid between tablets, e-readers and personal media players, and above all those who have no problems in allowing themselves completely to the Amazon ecosystem. For them, e just for them, the business just a click away.

Wired Rear and front camera for video calls. It can be used separately by several users

TiredNo gps. Limited wi-fi connectivity


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