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The details of Apple Watch and the new MacBook

Apple Watch will be available from April 24th, but we do not offer prices starting from $ 399. Apple amazes everyone with the super thin Macbook Gold.

Apple Watch will be available from 24 April, with pre-orders starting April 10, but not from us, not in Italy. In Europe it will be available in France and Germany. Prices are confirmed, the Sport version will cost 369 $ with small dial and $ 399 with the large 42 mm. The other models range from $ 549 (38 mm case) to $ 1,099 (from 42 mm).

The real Apple Watch news are some technologies like Digital Touch. In practice you can connect to a friend's Apple Watch to call him, knock on the screen or to replicate on your smartwatch video what we're doing, even a drawing. Confirm the heart rate sensor, and a series of features for sport and training. Tim Cook said Apple Watch is the most personal device we've ever created, not just for people, but for people. For this reason, great care has been taken in the materials, such as aluminum made more resistant by 60% compared to normal alloys and steel even 80% stronger. Apple Watch can make and receive calls with the built-in microphone and speakers: since I was 5 years I dreamed he pointed out Tim Cook. Because before anything else Apple Watch wants to make people smile it said the Apple CEO gave a new dimension customizable to the reading of time. https: //


In the Apple Live event the new MacBooks have been announced, so beautiful and innovative that they have almost obscured Apple Watch. The new MacBooks are thinner than the MacBook Air, just 13.1 mm of in the thicker side (they were 17.3 in the Macbook Air) and they have new colors MacBook Gold, all gold. The other colors echo those of the iPhone: silver and dark gray. The great technological novelty of the new MacBooks are the batteries. The components occupy a much smaller space than the previous models, this made it possible to make the ook notes thinner and created gaps in the case but we do not see air and so we filled those battery holes that have a completely new design, they are made in layers and this has allowed us to insert, in a smaller space, the 35% more batteries for unautonomia of 10 hours. Another technical novelty is the door USB-C which offers all the features of a single connector 5 doors: power supply, USB data transfer, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA. Completely redesigned the keyboard, which now has a butterfly mechanism under each key that makes it more precise, more stable, but thinner. weight of just 750 grams.The Retina display (the thinnest ever) and the price starts at $ 1,299.