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The best 10 free launchers for Android devices

noviembre 19, 2019

free launchers for Android devices

The possibility of intervening on the operating system Android, has proliferated applications that allow you to change the interface of the devices to your liking. There are free launchers for every type of requirement, those with the most accurate graphics, those with particular functions up to the minimal ones that, for, offer very fast performances.

With Android you have the possibility, when you get tired of the usual icons, arranged in the usual way, to load a new launcher through an app that changes the appearance of the operating system. You can have new icons, backgrounds, widgets up to a different notification center.

Free launcher for Android devices

Below we have collected ten applications, the best free launchers, that after having installed them on your Android device, will change their appearance according to your needs.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher, among the most excellent free launchers that refer to the stock introduced by Google with Ice Cream Sandwich, with many features and excellent performance. With this launcher you can change the size of the grid that makes up the home screen, up to 90 screens and a dock that can expand up to a maximum of five pages. Infinite scrolling, animated transitions and more complete the package. There is also a paid version that brings with it even more possibilities.

Download Apex Launcher

Buzz Launcher

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<p>Also <strong>Buzz Launcher</strong>, Like many other launchers, has many additional features to customize the Android interface. This launcher is particularly interesting because it facilitates the customization of the homescreen, but above all because it allows you to share your work and explore that of others in search of maybe one to use for s. The most passionate will be able to retouch icons, backgrounds, folders, app drawer and other options, while the laziest can simply download and use the variations made by others.</p>
<p><strong>Download Buzz Launcher </strong>(APK)</p>
<h3><span class=GO Launcher EX
GO Launcher EX

Also Go Launcher EX it can be labeled as one of the old glories, and still interesting for the large number of customizations it offers, including thousands of themes, dozens of animated transitions and launch of individual applications with specific gestures. Also great for those with a slightly dated smartphone, as it is compatible with Android 2.0 and later, therefore with virtually all products on the market.

Download Go Launcher EX

ZenUI launcher

ZenUI launcher

Launcher ZenUI developed by Asus and includes launcher features that are richer in bloatware, such as the default search menu, which is accessed with a swipe upwards. ZenUI acts as a bridge between bloatware and low-end launchers, characterized by unnecessary advertising and services, and the most advanced and sophisticated launchers. ZenUI offers a wide range of themes to choose from, including features dedicated to customization for those who want to make the experience unique on Android.

ZenUI also includes a series of tools dedicated to app security, such as CM Applock for Asus to prevent outsiders from accessing certain content.

Download ZenUI Launcher (APK)

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft an Android launcher that radically simplifies the user experience of the operating system. Equipped with battery and memory saving technology, light, fast and efficient. Unlike other launchers, Microsoft helps you keep your professional and private life organized by integrating with Bing's daily backgrounds and with Wunderlist and Microsoft Office.

It is easy to find, start and return to your favorite apps, keep in touch with friends and keep up with the important aspects of your life. Microsoft learns from your actions: the more you use it, the more it becomes like you.

Download Microsoft Launcher

Launcher 8 Free

Launcher 8 Free

Launcher 8 an extreme choice (some would say sacrilegious) because it gives Android the appearance of Windows 8, with the well-known colored "squares". There are different applications and predefined schemes to choose from, and you can also customize colors and backgrounds. even possible to reproduce the "live tile" effect of Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Download Launcher 8 Free (APK)

MI Launcher

MI Launcher

MI Launcher an elegant, intelligent, lightweight and customizable launcher to replace the home screen of your Android phone. Its main feature is the ease of operations. It is easy to use: the elimination of applications and the very simple movement. No App drawer: All applications will be added to the desktop, from here you can start them directly. MI Launcher supports thousands of icon themes to download from the Play Store, supports the adaptation of icon sizes for each application.

Download MI Launcher

Nova Launcher

alternative launcher on Motorola

Nova Launcher one of the best launchers around, fast, elegant and highly customizable. It is a balance between aesthetics and high customization, with the lightness of the app that retains good performance in speed. The options to choose from are color themes, icon packs, scrolling dock and customizable folders, infinite scrolling and more. Attention, compatible only with Android 4.0, and this limit, unfortunately, leaves out many Android devices.

Download Nova Launcher

Solo Launcher-Clean, Smooth, DIY

Solo Launcher-Clean, Smooth, DIY

Solo Launcher one of the Top 3 launchers in the category on Google Play. With its range of DIY features, the launcher lets you customize the user interface on a device, so it works the way you want. It takes only a small amount of space but can increase the performance of the device by restoring the memory, smoothly, and more fun to use.

Download Only Launcher Free

Zeam Launcher

Zeam Launcher

Zeam Launcher with minimal interface, one of the lightest free launchers in the Play Store. Fluid, fast and simple, it takes up less than 1 mb and offers surprising performance on all devices, so it will be loved by all those who have a medium-low end device and who experience slowdowns and lag.

Download Zeam Launcher (APK)


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