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The 7 source alternatives that can be used for PC games

The origin quickly became very popular among the gaming community. It offers its customers the opportunity to purchase exclusive titles from Electronic Arts such as FIFA, Battlefield, Need For Speed ??and many other AAA titles. In addition, it also offers great deals on old games. Oh, and let's not forget, the supreme Origin Access, which provides access to more titles for a very low membership fee of $ 4, 99 / month or $ 29, 99 / year. The digital distribution of games is considered much better since it is technically permanent and cannot be lost, unlike traditional physical discs. Origin offers the digital distribution of its games in the best possible way. That said, Origin limited to EA titles and other titles are not available for digital purchase. If you are a PC player looking for portals for the purchase of new games in digital format, here are the first 7 Origin alternatives that you can use:

1. Steam

Probably the biggest gaming market in the world, Valve's Steam is the undisputed champion of digital game distribution, offering over 15,000 games for its users. Steam offers great deals on various products, including the annual Steam Summer Sale which offers additional discounts.

Like Origin, Steam has its own app that lets you download all your purchases easily and without problems. Steam generally the first to receive any game, it also offers the best support for any video game development company, thus making it the only digital download source for such games in most cases. If you want to explore the huge catalog of PC games, Steam is definitely the best option.

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2. GOG

Good Old Games or GOG a digital distribution site for games, which focuses specifically on classic and old games, which date back to the 1980s. In the midst of ever-changing technology, we often forget how big those old games were. It could just be for the nostalgia of it, but GOG offers access to all those old childhood games. Heck, the games that were the best sellers when most of today's players weren't even born.

The interface on GOG very similar to that found on EA's Origin. GOG focuses on providing games that do not have digital rights management (DRM) and has further optimized its game catalog and runs them in DOSBox format, so that whatever game you choose to buy, you work on any modern machine you wish to run it on.

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The mainstream game is fantastic, especially for multiplayer, since everyone plays it. But after a while, you just want to try something different, something funny in its strange way. This is exactly where the indie genre comes. The thought process, the vibrant graphics, the compelling gameplay and a different ideology of looking at what defines the indie genre. If you are looking for the best indie games, ITCH.IO the best portal to satisfy your desires. Focused directly on the indie genre, ITCH.IO offers a huge catalog of over 60,000 indie games.

EA Origin also focuses on indie games, but ITCH.IO focuses on a new level. While ITCH.IO offers games focused on a specific genre, however one of the best distributors of digital games. For what it's worth, the indie genre is something that needs to be promoted more, and ITCH.IO seems to do it quite well.

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4. Green Man game

While the previously mentioned GOG focuses on bringing the classics to modern systems and on ITCH.IO focusing on the indie genre of games, Green Man Gaming lacks a focused system like this. Despite this, Green Man Gaming is currently the second largest distributor of digital games in the world. How do you ask? The very simple answer. Offers, offers and other offers . While Steam offers its biggest sales once a year, Green Man Gaming has complete sales on all its titles.

Exploring the various library games an easy task on Origin, and Green Man Gaming maintains the same functionality. Green Man Gaming has been around for quite some time now and everyone who loves to save some money from their pockets surely loves it.

Moreover, yours Green Man game account also doubles as an account for Playfire, the social network to share the results of the gameplay. Despite having the same games as other portals, Green Man Gaming may be able to offer you the best deals, making it a strong contender.

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5. Humble store

Made famous for his "Packages", the Humble Store another great Origin alternative for the purchase of digital copies of online games. While the video library full of games connected only to Steam, Humble Store yes focuses mainly on games without DRM . Furthermore, similar to the Green Man Gaming marketing tactics, the Humble Store offers exceptional sales all year round.

The Humble Store donates 5% of all purchases made to the Wikimedia Foundation . In addition to all sales, The Humble Store, like Origin, also offers excellent packages that offset most of their sales. If you are looking to buy lots of games together, be sure to check the packages and offers here.

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6. GamersGate

As mentioned above, Steam is the king of digital game distribution, and to become a worthy competitor, you need to have something unique in itself. While many rely on offering direct discounts, GamersGate has introduced its own virtual currency, the Blue Coin . Basically, customers earn digital credit in the form of blue coins for every purchase, plus small bonuses for participating in the GamersGate community, such as posting game reviews or answering help questions. The Blue Coins can therefore be use instead of real money for any digital purchase on the site.

While Origin offers games selected to be part of the source access, it still requires a paid membership, while GamersGate offers gifts to its members just to be an active member. While the GamersGate game catalog is not so large, the Blue Coin system is certainly a feature that sets it apart. Basically you are rewarded for simply being part of the gaming community, and those prizes can be redeemed for new games. Definitely worth a shot in my opinion.

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Other alternatives at the origin

While the websites mentioned above should do more than enough to provide you with the huge amount of games available for the PC master race, there are also other portals that offer various offers on certain titles that the mainstream websites mentioned above may not have. Direct2Drive, which was initially the old IGN video game, now operates as an independent business, which provides an alternative to digital game distribution sites. Although it may not have the best deals compared to its competitors, it still offers the same great discounts on games not available otherwise. Another great alternative is the Windows Store, which hosts most of the games made for the Windows platform, as well as some Xbox titles brought for PC.

The best alternatives of origin there

While Origin is an excellent software to experiment with AAA titles, limited only to titles produced by Electronic Arts. If you're interested in trying other titles and prefer digital downloads to physical disks, our list of best Origin alternatives should be helpful. So try them and let us know the service you are using in the comments section below.