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Ikoula arrives in Italy, a specialist in hosting services for 20 years

One of the most important aspects to consider when setting up an online service is the hosting service. If you make a mistake in choosing this fundamental component for creating a website, part of the final result is compromised. A service that does not allow to hold the load of the site that we want to launch on the net, or that leads to continuous interruptions, strongly penalizes the positioning on the different search engines. For this reason it is good to carefully evaluate the choice and rely on companies that are experts in the field. In this article I want to introduce you to a hosting that is appearing for the first time in our country.Ikoula arrives in Italy to help create new websites with a servicehuman cloud.They define themselves thus, explaining that:"only men have the ability to listen and understand the needs of other real human beings".

Starting from 2018 Ikoula, a leading French company in the field of hosting services for 20 years, has decided to expand its activity also in Italy. therefore it is possible to subscribe to one of the many plans that the company offers and obtain support and assistance in Italian during all phases of purchase and installation of the hosting service. One of the strengths of Ikoula strong presence in the European territory. The more than 25,000 customers are served by two proprietary data centers, located in the French territory. Not an aspect to be underestimated, as all the data are subjected to the rules in force in Europe.

Ikoula arrives in Italy

Those who decide to start an online business often do not have the right skills or resources to manage the server infrastructure and all the problems associated with it. Ikoula knows this problem well and offers a service of assistance active every day 24/24. You can contact the support by phone, email or with the integrated chat service on the site. The technicians, who will answer in Italian, will always be ready to support any kind of problem, with resolutions guaranteed within one hour. They will also support those who are purchasing a new service and need support for configuring all services. Furthermore, the possibility of server management by their technicians is offered, who will proactively manage the entire infrastructure.

Ikoulaarriva in Italy to offer its Italian clients accompanying services before, after and during the project phase. It is also socially committed, ready to support your project. Through the program Ikoula supports your project, nonprofit associations, startups or open source projects could benefit from cloud solutions with integrated managed server services at free or discounted prices. Just fill in a questionnaire and enter the reasons given for the project.

From the point of view of hosting services, the solutions offered are different and cover every range of use and price. The underlying theme of all services is quality at the right price. In fact, every solution is highly competitive to counter the many companies currently operating on the market. Highly configurable dedicated servers are offered, which can be paid monthly or for use. There is no lack of cloud services, which have enjoyed great success in recent years. There are also solutions dedicated to those who want to start a new WordPress-based blog or to all application developers who need a server component. All from just 0.99 a month.

Moreover Ikoula one of the first Blockchain friendly companies, which allows cryptomechannel mining with dedicated GPU sevrers. Are you interested in hosting solutions? Ikoula and you would like to learn more about the services offered, I suggest you visit the official website.