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Apple Watch, Apple's wrist revolution

What Apple Watch can really do. Here are the features of the smartwatch that is going to change the wearable market with 6 million pieces planned

Twitter: @IlTestardoBlog

Twitter: @IlTestardoBlog

the moment of truth finally arrived for the wearable computing, at least for what concerns the smartwatch. Finally, because of Apple Watch it has been talked about for at least two years.

the most personal Apple product ever made – said Tim Cook from the Spring Forward event stage – because an object that does not carry with itself but on itself". The new object of desire of the apple has already convinced everyone without having done (yet) anything. Its potentialities are a world in complete becoming. Most of them, especially those related to fitness and health, will be discovered only with the passage of time. But a preview of what you can do with Apple Watch showed them Kevin Lynch, one of Apple's vice presidents, during the San Francisco keynote. First of all, tell us the precise time: will be able to keep time within a 50 millisecond interval.

As happened with iPhone during the initial period, in fact, what was only a medium, an instrument formed by a touchable screen, quickly became the festival of developers, with incredible applications (for the time), fast, reliable, safe and above all that have extended the concept of smartphones is almost infinite and they have elevated it to the concept we have today: an all-rounder tool. It is not surprising, in fact, that the smartphone revolution actually began there, and that many of the operations that we previously performed from a PC, now we can do them in mobility thanks to a simple telephone. Apple Watch is therefore the new gold mine for small and large developers, which, at the sound of 0.99 cents, allow us to extend what we can do with a small screen tied to our wrist.

But what can Apple Watch do?

Apple Watch is surprising for its ease of use, it appears immediate, easy and completely fluid. Before analyzing some of the many, it is worth remembering how Apple Watch is not standalone: then use the iPhone 5 or later connection, with WiFi and GPS active.

A watch of absolute precision

The hallmark of watchmaking masterpieces has always been precision in measuring time, and Apple Watch is no exception: in sync with your iPhone, it keeps a gap of no more than 50 thousandths of a second compared to standard universal time. And you can customize the dial to have a more personal view of time, which takes into account your life and your commitments.

To communicate

Calls: Apple Watch allows you to make hands-free calls using a microphone and speaker. Not having a SIM slot, the feature only available in combination with an iPhone;Messages: you can participate in iMessage conversations or send text messages from the device screen, always in combination with an iPhone. To insert the text, the vocal dictation is used, the only keyboard available is that of the emojis;Mail: you can check your mail, which can always be answered with voice dictation;Map: there are maps very similar to those of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, keeping in mind how the function needs GPS localization to operate correctly.

Unpublished functions

Apple Watch

Communicate the beat

Fitness: Monitors the movement, quantity and quality of daily activities and encourages them not to be too sedentary with special warnings. It can also keep track of cardio and intensive training sessions, calculating heart rate and calories burned. A whole new way to feel close.Digital Touch Sharing: Apple Watch can communicate with each other with a system that is not only innovative, but also particularly sensorial; calling up the contact with the appropriate side button, you can draw a message on the screen to send to the interlocutor: a letter, a smiley, a brief drawing. more emotional communications, in fact with a touch you can make a person understand that you have thought it, while keeping two fingers pressed on the screen sends your heartbeat to the partner, which will be faithfully reproduced by the recipient thanks to the tactile feedback engine. Finally, for the most demanding, there is the possibility of using Apple Watch as an improvised walkie talkie;Camera roll and camera: accessing the photos of iOS 8, we find ourselves in front of a mosaic. With the digital crown just zoom in to enlarge each of these photographs. Moreover, there is the possibility of controlling the rear camera of the iPhone by distance;Weather, calendar and Passbook: as shown on the home screen, the smartwatch can easily access all the information stored on Weather, Calendar and Passwork, even from iCloud;Personalization and glance: the Apple Watch interface can be highly customized, to show dials according to your mood based on pre-set colors or designs, from classic hands to spatial images, through Mickey Mouse. The glance functions allow you to set information screens, from weather to time zones, to be displayed simply by sliding your fingers from bottom to top on the display.

It will be available in two sizes and in three versions / h3>

Apple Watch: polished stainless steel, natural or sidereal black, Apple Watch Sport: silver anodised aluminum or sidereal gray, Apple Watch Edition: 18-carat gold, made with a special manufacturing process that makes it twice as hard and resistant compared to the classic laurel.This is the list scheduled for the first time: Apple Watch Sport: $ 349 for the 38 mm version, 399 for the 42 mm version, Apple Watch: from 549 to 1,049 for the 38 mm, from 599 to 1,099 for the 42 mm.As anticipated, the prices for Apple Watch Edition are unknown, the type in 18 carat gold. (Rumors speak of $ 5,000.) Will it be an announced success?

Apple could sell 30 million Watch in the first 12 months of sales. Morgan Stanley predicts this, pointing out that sales would reach 10% of those with compatible iPhones. This would mean – reports the Financial Times – a stronger start than the iPhone, with 6 million units sold in the first year, or iPad, with 20 million units. Despite the optimism, the iWatch divides the analysts, some of whom believe that the high cost and life of the battery (around 18 hours) will reduce sales.

A product expected above all by those who, paradoxically, hope that the release of the Apple Watch can give a new impulse to a market for smartwatches that are struggling to take off. In fact, enthusiasts of the new technological jewel signed by Mela are joined by those who consider themselves the smartwatch. a completely useless accessory: true, capable of performing dozens of functions, but nothing more that can already be done with a smartphone.

The Keynote, one of the most exciting of the last few years, is sure to impact. As usual, we'll see. By Il TestI burn