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A site for DreamWeaver users

A site for DreamWeaver users

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Exchange for DreamWeaver, a new website for over 500,000 DreamWeaver users. The site contains more than 100 extensions – downloadable for free – created by developers and third parties that add new features to DreamWeaver, including the ability to text reformatting the integration of objects with high multimedia content, and the development of specific performances for electronic commerce. Furthermore, the site provides constantly updated information on DreamWeaver, and offers the possibility of participating in discussion groups. DreamWeaver has become one of the standards for web publishing adopted by most professional developers and companies. It supports the customization and extension of its functionalities through the standards for the XML, HMTL and Javascript web. The site ( already provides more than 100 extensions able to automate features such as table reformatting, integrating multimedia effects, developing Shockwave-based chat rooms and connecting to the most popular e-commerce sites.

(Edited by Mauro Notarianni)

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