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Who is Greta Thunberg, the Swedish girl who wants to save the planet

The story of Greta Thunberg, the Swedish girl who, at the age of 16, founded an international movement for the preservation of the planet and brought the powerful of the world into line.

Greta as Greta Thunberg, one 16 year old Swedish girl, which the whole world has come to know. Last August, when the new school year was about to begin, Greta decided she had enough: the one just passed it had been the hottest summer for her country and she was tired. It was from the age of 8 that they told her to turn off the lights and recycle the paper to save the planet, and it seemed strange that one could do something so important with such small gestures.Greta admits that, having Asperger's syndrome, things have always been white or black for her. There are no grays in his life. In fact, he thinks that climate change either stops, or doesn't stop.

Greta Thunberg

What did GretaThunberg do?

And so Greta decided that every Friday she would sit outside the Swedish Parliament with a sign asking politicians to make decisions compared to the biggest challenge they have ever had to face. Every Friday he brings back books too, but he wonders why should I study if politicians do not listen to scientists.Thanks to the following obtained by Greta on social networks a European movement called born Fridays For Future.A December 2018, Greta spoke at the plenary session of the Cop 24 in Katowice (the climate conference) before the representatives of 196 governments. Without fear he said:

"I learned that you are never too small to make a difference (you) just talk about going ahead with the same misconceptions that put us in this mess. () In 2078 you will celebrate my seventy-fifth birthday. If I have children, they will probably ask me questions about you one day. Maybe they will ask me why you didn't do anything when it was time to act. You say you love your children above all things, but you are stealing their future before their eyes. ()Until you stop to focus on what needs to be done instead of what is politically best to do, there is no hope. We cannot resolve a crisis without treating it as such.

Greta Thunberg speech

President Mattarella recently quoted her in a speech and the President of the European Commission Juncker kissed her. And on March 15, students from all over the world took to the streets for a climate strike, on the initiative of the Fridays For Future and other groups that recognize themselves in this battle. Greta's requests are radical: halve the emissions of greenhouse gases, no matter how inconvenient or inconvenient it is, at the cost of changing the system. Caution for. Greta cannot be just a symbol. He asks to be heard. Only young people cannot fight climate change. To adults who have not been able to think about the future, young people remember that everyone has to do their homework. Are we evil? asks Greta in the TED Talk in Stockholm. Of course we can hope, he adds, but there is only one thing we need even more: more than hope serves the actionSo be careful to dismiss it as a child's thing and as a child's thing that they are fine. And pay attention to desire to keep this protest away from politics. An account is the electoral and party interests, an account a real ecological thought. Emanuele Pinelli on Formiche maintains that any party that presented itself today with the Greta program would be stoned. And as long as it continues to be like this, all of our spreading incense or tearing our clothes for Greta will be pure hypocrisy. Greta will do it when she is no longer alone. We must not only talk about his protest, but above all what is missing.

Greta Thunberg biography in numbers

In the last weeks some tens of thousands of children took to the streets throughout Europe to support Greta's theses. They were:

  • 12 thousand in Belgium on February 21st
  • 8 thousand in Paris on February 22nd
  • 100 thousand in Brighton
  • 10 thousand in LAIA
  • 15 thousand in Liège

I am above all high school students, but university students are growing. The protest therefore arises from the bass in a registry sense and, from a social, cultural and sociological point of view, will represent an interesting challenge in the times of the liquid society.G as Green therefore but, above all, G for Youth. For adults, the responsibility will also be to be able to hear what these kids are saying. Why, says Greta, we didn't come here to pray to the leaders to take care of it. You have ignored us in the past and will continue to ignore us. You have no more excuses and we have little time. We are here to let you know that change is coming, whether you like it or not.

by Antonella Tagliabue