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What people really do during conference calls – infographic

People during a conference call tend to get distracted and do other things: they send mail, they do other jobs. The video conference solution.

What happens when people are invited to take part in a conference call at work? They begin to mentally make a to-do list: shopping, going to the bank, preparing food, etc. But this tendency towards multitasking makes it difficult to stay focused on the work call. Research shows that while they are in call, 65% control social networks, 44% send messages, 25% benefit video games and 21% even do online shopping, but not all: 9% do gymnastics. A solution c: video conference. Column Five communication agency has created an infographic When Daydreams Happen to Bad Conference Calls for Highfive company that develops video conferencing solutions. In fact, people often get distracted during conference calls: email, carry out other jobs, monitor social media, write messages, play video games. Researches say they even shop online and even prepare food and eat. Video conferencing can partially solve the problem of distraction, while increasing the effectiveness of conversations, productivity and speed of decision-making.

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