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Volkswagen AG believes in the robustness of Getac devices

In close collaboration with Volkswagen AG, Getac has developed two next-generation rugged computer solutions for use throughout the group

In close collaboration with Volkswagen AG, Getac has developed two next-generation rugged computer solutions, to be used internationally and throughout the group for vehicle diagnostics and other production applications. With the Professional diagnostic device, the VAS 6150E notebook based on the Getac S410, and the Premium, VAS 6160E tablet based on the new Getac A140, Volkswagen Group workshops now have a new standard for performing highly efficient diagnostics on vehicles of the VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and VW commercial vehicles. The new devices combine the already integrated components, such as the Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service and the diagnostic interface, a system that has been extensively tested based on Volkswagen's high quality standards.

In addition to the high performance, reliability and ease of use of the devices, Volkswagen chose Getac above all for its value for money, optimized delivery times and convincing service concept. To meet the needs of Volkswagen, Getac has adapted its devices to the individual needs of the customer. We are proud to have taken another important step in the automotive sector thanks to the intense collaboration with Volkswagen.Our teams worked closely to create an optimal solution for Volkswagen in terms of functionality, reliability and supply chain processes, he has declared Rick Hwang, President, Rugged Business Unit of Getac Technology Corporation. The market share of our rugged equipment continues to grow even in the automotive sector, thanks to the combination of our innovative attitude, the continuous development of the latest technologies and the maximum reliability and flexibility.

THEThe notebook and tablet are ideal for performing complex tasks that require high level performance. In addition to this, devices with Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB have an extremely stable and high-performance operating system. The dedicated software image prevents any compatibility problems between the diagnostic system used by Volkswagen and the updates offered by Microsoft. To offer maximum practicality, the devices are equipped with two special USB interfaces customized for the workshops and a quick system reset function and factory settings, in case of need.

With its compact design and integrated handle, the tablet offers improved portability for more flexible use and a replaceable battery during operation, which guarantees maximum availability 24 hours a day. The 14-inch screen allows you to easily see even the most complete data. complex and guarantees excellent readability in direct sunlight, thanks to the revolutionary LumiBond 2.0 touch screen technology developed by Getac. The devices support various touch modes such as rain, glove and pen, allowing technicians to wear gloves during the activity.

The robust devices of Getac are ideal for use in the most hostile environments. While the V52 6150E notebook is IP52 certified against dust and water drops, the IP65 certified VAS 6160E tablet is resistant to high-pressure water jets and thick dust.Diagnostic devices are vibration resistant and offer an SSD to reduce the sensitivity to shocks, as well as two customized USB workshop interfaces, to ensure a secure and stable connection of external diagnostic equipment. Both units have been further tested according to Volkswagen's high quality standards.

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