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Unify: circuit packs for professionals and SMEs

Unify presents Circuit sales packages for companies of all types and sizes that want to adopt a new way of working

Unify presented a new range of sales packages with different features for Circuit, designed to allow companies of all types and sizes, from start-up to the large multinational, to adopt a new way of working (New Way to Work). Circuit platform transforms collaboration and mobile communication, combining voice service, video chat, sharing, document editing in real time and file exchange all in one single screen, shared by all team members. Thanks to three new packages, Circuit responds to needs of various types of organizations and professionals: – Free package: supports over 100 users with 1 GB of storage per user and three integrations, at no cost. Ideal for small teams with a need for immediate and short-term collaboration, it can be easily expanded in line with the growth of the team itself. Team Package: provides fundamental collaboration tools for any startup, non-profit or small company by allowing work groups to use a fluid and always-functioning professional communication system, at a price of 3.95 per workstation per month. Professional package, designed for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a communication solution that can be integrated with an already existing infrastructure, supports unlimited users and can be customized with additional integrations to optimize the workflow, at a cost of 6.95 per user per mese.Il Enterprise package will continue to be sold at 14.95 per workstation per month, aimed at more complex companies. Thanks to the new Circuit packages, Unify demonstrates its constant attention to the changing needs of the market which translates into a necessary business evolution in order to bridge the gap that the customers themselves report explains Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Chief Analyst of ZK Research. With a software architecture designed from scratch, Circuit was adopted by various organizations around the world, from the US state of Alabama to the British web provider Datrix, up to IBT Europe, Italian company that uses Circuit as a tool to optimize its technical and commercial activities between the Italian and Austrian branches. The new Circuit Packages are available immediately, also on the website